Healing Power of Earth Angels

Or……..peace in the Butterfly Garden

It all started where it ended…a very long work week that left me feeling, well, a little frayed…

butterfly garden apr 2016 cpyright ckp 162.NEF

Annnnnd I was on schedule for Saturday am for a few hours too.  The one ray of hope in the shadow of the dark abyss that was exhaustion was the promise of finally visiting the Butterfly Garden I had my heart set on since the final frost had thawed and the sun showed back up for good. 


What follows is just a bit of what we experienced there.  When I say “healing angels on Earth” I am completely serious.  The winged creatures of existence have a way of soothing my soul and taking me into the skies with them.  While it is early in their season yet, the Monarchs are almost always out and the little finches were flitting happily from branch to bloom and waterfall without a care in their little world.  There is even a room where you can touch the butterflies.  And when you soothe your savage spirit you can step out onto the grounds and shop for any garden supplies you might want or need.  It really is a treasure chest of a place.  I hope you enjoy the photos and if you happen to be in the Orlando area, this center is located on Slavia Road in Oviedo, Florida. There is a small fee which we happily paid.  The gift shop has marvelous hand crafted and imported items from some of our favorite places. Yes, there were items from Costa Rica!!! I hope you enjoy sharing my time with Earth’s beauty-feather, wing and bloom….

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Color me happy!!!!!

butterfly garden apr 2016 cpyright ckp 101.NEF

Do I look relaxed, stress free?  Try a walk in nature and let your mind go. And no thinking allowed!!  Let your heart soar with the angels…

14 thoughts on “Healing Power of Earth Angels

  1. I love to take a walk in nature. I never miss such an opportunity and even Sarah loves it. We explore every possible place where we go. I have even tried my hand at farming and staying out in the woods for five nights. It scared the shit out of me, but it was a different experience.


      1. When I was in the woods I actually had no candle, no lamp, or flashlight which made matters worse. The darkness and the sounds of the wild was stirring up all the wild imagination, plus I was only 16-17 years old.


  2. This is a beautiful post Cheryl. Thanks for sharing these photos. We won’t be seeing sights like this for a while (if we see them at all – hopefully not the guy clawing his way into my grill).


    1. Haha I love that photo. It was part of a dsiplay in the exotic plants section of the garden center. I hope your Spring “beings” show up soon and bring you a little beauty and light! Thanks. So glad you enjoyed my morning.

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  3. Beautiful photos. I always feel privileged to see a butterfly, and it lifts my heart to spend a few moments watching the garden birds going about their business. Thanks for the reminder. Have a wonderful week.


    1. Thank you Julia. May yours be full of beautiful things as well. In times past it was rare for me to see butterflies but in Cista Ruca and here they are as common as flies. Yet I never take them for granted. Such etheral gentle beauty!

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  4. I love that the first picture contradicts with the beauty of the post. I was out in the country just today, watching a small, purple butterfly, wondering what it was. Thank you for a glimpse of your keen eye, once again. I hope you are well.


    1. Thanks so much Karen. You know I rarely see purple ones and consider it such a treat when I do! I am busy but well thank you. And I hope you are doing well also. Be safe in your travels.

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