Through Love Colored Glasses/Photography

My idea of a play date is a week day off spent wandering through nature with my camera.  When I turn that Nikon on, the everyday world reveals all the magnificence that happens around us in each moment but so often is missed-love in existence.  This was only a small piece of my yesterday.  I hope you enjoy my walk……

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April free Friday 175.NEF

And you thought this was going to be just another ordinary Friday…..

Miss you guys!

7 thoughts on “Through Love Colored Glasses/Photography

  1. Enjoyed the pictures and relate to the sentiment, though for me it is painting, dipping into amazing colors. Or writing something close to my heart. (Making sure my computer is not blooey — you don’t have “like” buttons?)


    1. Sure I have like buttons. Not certain why you are not seeing them. I have many things that constitute “p,ay” for me, including writing. But the easiest, most relaxing and meditative for me would be photography of nature. So happy to see you here! Love your art!


    2. I just checked. Like buttons intact. But my format shows several posts available on the home page and you have to touch one to go to the post. It can be confusing when the posthas minimal written content.


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