Beg, Barter, Beat/Forever Never

Summer days 2015 084.NEF

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

by Cheryl Pennington

copyright 2016

with Ar’tine’s defenses down, M’na has a tiny window of opportunity, but what can she say to change the course of their fate?

Mn’a opened her mouth to speak, her hope to console(cajole), to plead and reassure, anything to reach that dark reflection of Eternity’s original thought that still lived somewhere in the soul of Ar’tine; but he was too immersed in the seductive depths of his dark misery.


No!” he spat at her before the words reached her lips. “I have heard more than enough from you. Now you will listen to me, daughter of deception. I accept that I must exist without my creation, without the only one who will ever love me.” The clicking disappeared as Ar’tine gave up any connection to the creature he was using as a vessel in the physcial world. “But no longer will I exist alone in my pain, for you will join me in its bosom. Your infant son is gone and you will never see him again. And very soon, I will be rid of his troublesome brother as well. No remnant shall remain of your union with the weak male you called ‘Beloved’.”


Anger, love, and determination joined together to strangle the fear that crippled M’na, knowing she must stall Ar’tine. She had to reach Amhain before the god discoverd him, before anything happened to another of her loved ones. With remarkable courage and inexplicable strength, M’na pushed against the hot earth and got herself to her feet. Her thoughts raced and her tongue struggled to keep pace.


“You are right, Ar’tine. We all failed you. I failed in my promise to you. This was an error made by me alone and not anyone else. You are punishing the others without reason. To show you my sorrow.. I..I will go with you now…take me to Domhan Eile. I will do all that I can to make this up to you. You can show me your world. I would do anything…”


The serpent struck at M’na in fury, coming within a breath of her cheek. She jumped, falling to the ground again but landing in a thicket of soft grass. “Help me, please!” she cried in pain. Somewhere in the distance she heard the owl’s screech,  but Ar’tine heard nothing save the angry voice in his soul.


“You would do anything, say anything, to save your son. This is not about your love for me, Mn’a. No one loves me.” If indeed he was unlovable, he did nothing in that moment to try to improve things. Mn’a winced at the sharp pain peircing her hand and looked down, realizing it had been resting on the sharp point of a broken branch that had fallen from the dying Tree of Creation. She looked back into the serpent’s eyes and slowly, deliberately rose to her feet, never breaking eye contact.


She is so lovely,’ thought the dark god.


Ar’tine found M’na excruciatingly tempting from the first moment he saw her walk on Inion’s world, and he was still mesmerized by her supple curves, her sultry movement. The serpent slid across the limb and began winding its way down the trunk of the tree, sending debris to the ground as it curled around and down, never taking his eyes from hers; although if it had, it might have noticed the branch in her hand and might not have confused the regretful smirk tugging at the corners of her mouth for a gentle smile. Ar’tine might have realized that he was not truly in control of the future. The serpent didn’t flinch as M’na swiftly and efficiently brought the heavy limb from behind to land squarely on the head of the unfortunate creature he possessed. The serpent plummeted the rest of the way down the tree’s trunk to the ground with a heavy thump and went limp, but was it dead? And what would become of the dark god using it?


Mn’a gasped and let the branch drop to the ground, but refused to let go of the only weapon she had. She panted, tiny squeals of anquish trying to escape her throat as she waited for the serpent to rise again. The Mother of Domhan had never killed any living thing and it tore at her heart. The hairs on her arm rose to attention when the crackling began, joined by prickly bumps marching across her skin as the air turned cold and damp around her, so suddenly gray and heavy she could hardly breathe. Understanding loomed and she turned, knowing she must flee her beloved Garden before it was too late.


‘Ar’tine has no power over me outside of this place,’ she thought, knowing this portal to the Realm was their connection.
“He has no power over you here either!” rose the enraged,  insistent voice from out of the haze.


M’na looked up in astonishment just as the white owl came down upon the fully recovered and very much alive serpent rearing itself for a new strike. With talons bared, the owl sliced at its eyes over and over, relentlessly inflicting wounds. M’na took her chance and ran to the entrance, not looking back; but just as she passed through the arch she heard her Mother’s command, “Conceal yourself from him! Now!”


Conceal myself? Mn’a’s mind raced, her aching head throbbing in excruciating waves. The sky above was exploding with thunder again-real thunder. Streaks of wild lightening spat across the black canopy above her. Thinking of only her family, M’na darted through the arch and into the dense forest-running, panting, thinking, running…conceal myself?


to be continued…..

8 thoughts on “Beg, Barter, Beat/Forever Never

  1. “Eternity’s original thought” . . . is that why we feel bad about the state of the world although it seems (historically) to have always been this way?
    Cheryl, I have wondered why we’re disturbed by the destruction and evil that happen around us, the violence that only seems to need a small nudge to bloom into full-blown hell–I have wondered why these things disturb us so, even though they are the paths we have chosen by dint of our free will. I have been reading a lot of history lately and I can tell you, my dear, that I do not wish to have lived in the past, although the present is full of destruction, war and death, and the future is precarious. From my readings so far, I think we have always been in the same path.
    Perhaps the disturbance is due to Eternity’s original thought from which we have utterly deviated. It remains only an echo.
    Thank you, Cheryl.


    1. I really do feel that the cycle of regeneration for the Earth is at a critical point, that our abuses of its generosity and abundance are at an all time high. I also feel hat there are those among the living here that came to help awaken the others who have been caught in the walk of sleep but merely need to be nudged. But the darkness that lives within everything demands its due and speaks with a sensuous voice. My story is not so much about having an answer to some of the hard questions but rather my own search for where the confusion and struggle really began. Was there ever truly perfect peace except when the Source existed alone in its eternity? Did conscious thought alone produce a propensity toward conflict by virtue of the separation from that Source into existence outside of pure unconditional love? These are the things which fill my head and heart. The answer isn’t about winning a battle between Light and Dark but rather elimianting the conflict in the first place. When both are needed for balance, one cannot exist without the other. Unless everything is no more. 😞


      1. Cheryl, who are those that are awakening others? What is their ultimate goal?
        It seems to me that the human society has been deteriorating progressively from its very start. Historically it has never been excessively wonderful, but the stupidity and the thoughtlessness seem to increase with time.
        I have been thinking that right now as we speak, the world leadership is in its last days. It is dying. Just like any other manmade thing. There is no authority in the world. The crises in Syria and other parts of the world have had me thinking that right now, if we have a dire problem with the government, we can only hold a protest in the streets, and the government can shoot us all dead if we do so. Then the so called international community will come later on and throw more bombs into the country. Or they’ll hold so many fruitless conferences while we burn, by the end of which we’ll have been wounded irreparably.
        The things that I hear people crying about the most: the eternal wars and agonies of race and tribes and money and sexes and property etc –there is no leader that can stop the evils due to these things! The world has invested in them and people make a living out of them. It is therefore almost impossible to root them out completely without destabilising existing bullshit that builds the economy.
        I think we have the sort of economic system that feeds off our basest and vilest habits. What is right or wrong anymore when people seek what they seek? The traditional virtues no longer apply. So it’s even useless to criticise the society because there are no basic values against which to compare and drawings conclusions. If a person has money and wealth, then he is respectable and great, the source of his income and the means by which he obtained it notwithstanding.
        There is country in Central Africa called Democratic Republic Congo. It was once a major source of all sorts of minerals used by industrialised states, including plutonium, uranium etc. That country, my friend, is the Middle East of Africa. So much murder and rape, so much horror, just so people could be wealthier and build a strong economy.
        Then the question of overpopulation and overconsumption. Human beings are superpredators. An overpopulation of the superpredator in any ecosystem is an environmental holocaust!
        In view of these things, I do not know how the world can be awakened. Or how our governments can encourage us to go on with them.
        If there are people awakening others, as you say, I think they are too slow. The world is vast and it grows tremendously in evil.


      2. You’ll get no argument from me on your points of fact. And, as you say, the oast was just as dark, if not darker. There were just less people. One key factor in the prosperous society is that the youth are no linger connected to its past, feeling it is irrelevant. It is as if the world was created for them alone, a vast pkayground of wealth, frivolity and no accountability. Not all youth of course, but such a vast majority. And that we can have such widespreat support for politicians that are bigoted, brash buffoons is more than frightening. They all lie, all have personal agendas and all seek to say that which will garner the prize. The ones with honest, forthright agendas are wonderful people, but anyine must know that they don’t have the totla power to make all of theor promises come true in a government that is ruled by a congress and senate that must agree with its president and those branches are usually at opposites with the president elect.
        I can only imagine the horrors that occur in other countries. I may not know about it firsthand, Peter, but my soul, my heart feels it every day. I feel a shift towards the past, not the future, with barbarism on the rise, peiple eing allowed to carry guns in public places, and the growing trend of “hair trigger” emotion that is permeating humanity. I have said it before and will say it again. Stephen King is a visionary and I’m not sure he knows it. The Stand was burned into my memeory. I always loved/feared the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still. I don’t believe we are alone in a place with no beginning and no end, nor do I belive we understand the scope of the eternity.
        I can only try to heal the one person I have any control over. I truly eleive that there is joy in the heart of the Source when its creations express love. When I feel devastated I go out and connect with Mother Nature but look what we are doing to her….😞


      3. Cheryl, I have been wondering why we are all obsessed with “how things are supposed to be” as opposed to “how they are.” Because how they are is how we are too. We make them so.
        Why do we deny ourselves? Why do we feel so inadequate and wrong? So far we have never even seen a perfect person, yet we judge one


      4. What I have come to believe for myself Peter, is that when you look in the mirror you are seeing the Creator’s vision of perfection. We are all perfect in Its sight. I firmly believe that judgement is the effect of simple awareness. The problem is that while discernment is necessary for survival and the critical thinking needed for that survival, judgment, which includes condemnation even on the smallest scale, is different from that discernment. It stems from the fear that lives within every living being that has cognitive thought. Fear drives most of our emotions, all of the negative ones. But it stems from the greatest fear of all- SELF judgment. When we are able to love ourselves unconditionally, without judgment, it becomes easy to lose that judgment towards others. Not lose discernment, but rather the heavy misery that comes with needing to slot and file things as “good” or “evil”, “right” or “wrong”. After this things are either done with love or without love. By very definition, the word ‘sin’ means without. I love how words play such an integral part in our core belief system yet often go unnoticed. Just like evil spelled backwards is live. Absolute opposites based on our human concepts of evil and live. You should read Conversations with God by Neal Donald Walsch and The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. The latter can be read in a day but made a huge difference in how I came to understand judgment. Happy Thursday my friend! I hope it is a good one for you.


      5. *yet we judge one another based on some fantasy perfection we have never even seen. I wonder at this.
        Must be the thought of eternity ingrained in us!! What do you think?


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