18 thoughts on “Today’s Catch/Photography

      1. Oh yeah, as soon as they catch the glint from the camera lens, all periscopes are up. That look is okay; but when an Osprey peers down at me from the light pole and leans in, it is not playing. I think it is sizing up my weight and height for possible transport! I just snap and back away….slowly….thankful I am not a yorkie or chihuahua. Lol

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      2. We have a hawk patrolling the skies over our house these days (we also no longer have bunnies in the yard). Our dog stops dead in her tracks and follows that guy. She’s a bit large, but my neighbor’s Bishon might not be.


    1. Ha! I told you it was a miraculous morning. I wasn’t quite sure what was in all the photos but when I saw things happening I snapped. There have been quite a few “gems”. Thanks.

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