Good Days

When you live life one moment at a time, you learn to find the good in most days. Sometimes there are mere morsels to keep you going down the shadowy path, others seem to leave you hungry for joy, searching for that elusive sense of peace that we all too often view as something outside of ourselves-some unobtainable treasure that others have and we never seem to be able to hold onto.  Then there are good days. I find that as I look to nature to fill the void between what is and what could be, I am fulfilled in all ways.  To feel the connection with the All That Is brings me a comfort I can only describe as spiritual.  Lately I have had some very good days.  Here are some memories of mine.  I hope you can find some peace within these images as well.  Have a superb week everyone.  Love and Light to you all!

Saturday in the park feb 2016 191.NEFSaturday in the park feb 2016 139Saturday in the park feb 2016 162.NEFSaturday in the park feb 2016 083.NEFSunday funday feb 2016 074.NEF

May yours be a very good day!!

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