6 thoughts on “The Cycle

  1. Great picture. Nature has its own way to regenerate. I do find such scenes in India as well. I feel really bad that a country like India that considers River Ganges as a mother and feels proud of being a civilization that’s close to nature has lost its sense of preserving nature. Of course, there are people in India who are working hard to preserve nature and increase awareness, but on a large scale the situation is very sorrowful.


    1. It takes time my friend. There are huge pockets of it here but it took some bad things to happen in many cases. But in this state there are a lot of laws protecting wildlife, landscape and waterways. And the counties spend a lot of tax money on improvements and conservation. So many parks. The more people who can become involved in your country, the better. One voice. You have much to preserve there. It is a magnificently rich landscape.


      1. I have serious doubts about improvement in India or may be I’m a pessimist. I haven’t seen any change in my lifetime. India has the largest constitution in the world, and we have every kind of law that you can think of, but only on paper. Law enforcement agencies are corrupt to the core and people are more bothered about cleaning their homes rather than surroundings. I’m sorry I’m ranting here, but I hate to see people destroying nature. When I see someone throwing filth on the streets, I just want to turn myself into a Hulk and tear that person right from the center like a piece of cloth. Oh my gosh! I need to cool down my temper.


      2. I do understand. We had a horrible trash pollution problem before the late sixties, litter mounded on the roadsides. You could see someone roll a window down and just drop things out. That was before the big cleanup campagne. Commercials with a crying Native American on a horse (i cry inside still 😞) and stiff penalties for littering. People don’t care about jails but they are very worried about their money!


    1. Not now. We lived there on two occasions, most recently for nearly a year about a year and a half ago now. I really miss it. And yes, all I had to do was step outside my door to see so ething magnificent. But, Florida is the next best place for that for me. Very tropical. And they are really big on conservation here.


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