Angel Wings

dunlawton bridge sad saturday 003.NEF

The sun came up in the usual way,

nudging me back from the shadows.

My heart felt light for the first

time in so many days since I first found out.

Nature whispered to my soul,

“Come out and see the magic that waits!”

I said a prayer, as I have each morning,

since the call came.

dunlawton bridge sad saturday 035.NEF

The birds were there, as I knew they would be,

but they seemed different somehow,

Some bowed their heads in silent reverence

while others watched with keen intent.

dunlawton bridge sad saturday 169.NEF

So many winged creatures, so much beauty

and it filled me with peace and comfort.

dunlawton bridge sad saturday 138.NEF

None flew

as if they knew…

dunlawton bridge sad saturday 164.NEF

The world was somehow different,

less and more, but not as before.

dunlawton bridge sad saturday 055.NEF

Every eye, each sound,  seemed filled with knowing

as if they were showing

me the truth.

dunlawton bridge sad saturday 150.NEF

I have a friend who always said,

“Life is a school and we came to earn our angel wings.”

dunlawton bridge sad saturday 235.NEF

But she came with them in place,

and left with greater grace

than I can ever hope to attain.

dunlawton bridge sad saturday 054.NEF

Someone who saw me as I am

and reflected back only the beautiful things.

So much of me goes with you,

back into the cradle of eternity.

But I cannot feel lonely, for

I know you are always with me

and free from pain, you are


dunlawton bridge sad saturday 214.NEF

and watching….

dunlawton bridge sad saturday 001.NEF


Graduated this life

January 16, 2016


Until we meet again, embraced in the Light.

I love you my dear friend.

21 thoughts on “Angel Wings

  1. So very sorry for your loss. You will meet your friend in eternal glory one day, and she will remember you because she will never forget you.
    Thank you for this beautiful tribute. Light and peace.


    1. Thank you dear Leon. I know all prayers work for good. I appreciate you so much. So many days I feel, if I have wings, they have been clipped. I fear we are all caged birds in some way while in this physical realm. We both thank you. Love to you both from way over the big pond.

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