I don’t make resolutions on January 1.  I am always seeking to move my life in a more positive direction with every moment I have to ponder life and what my place is within the madness of this realm, as well as how to better understand those that are walking the path beside me.  For most of my life I have been painfully timid, uncertain and fearful to take risks.  Thanks to my loving family, those limits have been pushed time and again, the passing of time has introduced me to the inevitability of change and death, and my awareness of the vastness of existence has mercifully brought down the walls I had so carefully put up.  So I do have one Resolution for January 1 and for every day that I live. 


st augustine after christmas 2015 062.NEF


I vow to be myself, which will be loads easier now that I am allowing her to step out from the shadows and into the brilliance of acceptance.  I hope everyone enters this New Year with beautiful beginnings.  Life may be full of sorrow and challenges, as is its way, but there is still much to lift us from our dark places if only we stop and take a closer look, allowing the beauty of the Earth to heal…..


chrismtas week 2015 051.NEF

from sunrise

chrismtas week 2015 082

to evening’s rose….

chrismtas week 2015 097.NEF

Mother Nature bestows

her gifts of life.

Be your most authentic self!

Happy 2016 everyone!!

14 thoughts on “New

    1. Thanks so much Kate. Yes, for me it has to be each new day rather than a once a year redirection. Hell, some weeks it is moment by moment if I am in rough waters….


    1. Hi Clarissa!
      I never got a notification of your comment. I am so sorry I missed it but glad you found a way to contact me. I love your idea and would be honored to be part of a “collaborative” effort when it works out. Happy 2016.


  1. Hi Cheryl, Happy New Year to you too! Thank you for sharing such a beautifully written post, very realistic, uplifting and honest. May this year bring you peace and joy, love Jennifer X X X


    1. Thanks Dan. It’s easy to be jolly around my kids. They bring out the fun in me. 😀 My friend would not stand for me being unhappy now. This resolution is for her as much as myself. Cheers to a great 2016!

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