Battle for Never Was

chrismtas week 2015 015.NEF

Battle for Never Was

“Victory is ours,”
the angels sigh,
as the heavens
rumble and children cry.
Never fearing the
numbers that darkness
claimed in its vengeance
to kill, disfigure and maim
the Light in the world.

When the dust
has settled,
the cannons cease,
the army of pain
having fully unleashed
its fury,
and spent doth
at last retreat
in remorseful shame,
no glory in its prize.

A world gone dark
as the soul of lack,
the light be dimmed
till they call it back,
one whisper at a time,
a song without rhyme;
but the reason is clear
to all who hear
the angel chorus.

“Come home at last
and weary, rest,
having climbed the
summit and passed
Love’s test
of sacrifice,
it doth suffice
for all
within the realm of pain
resting in Its bosom,
at peace again.”

What matters that
a drifting rock
by deceit be ruled,
its gifts thus locked
within a core so
molten hot,
and on
its surface all be rot,
a kingdom ruled
by Hades’ plot.

What prize such stone,
without its life-
with naught to feed
your servants’ strife,
insatiable hunger
gnaws at fear,
their crying echoes,
trailing tears
bottomless wells of

“Come home,” the voice
of Spirit speaks,
“There shall be other
mountain peaks,
oceans blue,
life anew,
for other
worlds are there
for you and I to make

Cheryl KP
copyright words and photo

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