With the gifts all unwrapped, the floor strewn with the remnants of careful preparation and our hands full of treasure both great and small, sometimes there remains an empty place-a yearning for something more, something tangible and lasting that won’t fade or shrink, go out of style or break, something more priceless than that which can be bought or sold.  In this moment of longing we should step outside of the ordinary, the expected and tested, and open ourselves to the greatest, yet simplest gifts of all.  The freedom to see, smell, hear, touch, taste and envelope the gifts that Spirit has given to us in every moment from the beginning of existence is unmatched, unparalleled and, sadly, all too often  unnoticed……


christmas 2015 157.NEF

I am life, the breath in me,

a perfect gift as you can see.

christmas 2015 154.NEF

For I am not alone in thus,

the breath of God in each of us.

christmas 2015 159.NEF

We recognize our unity,

for I am he and she is me.

christmas 2015 332.NEF

Do you see the God in me,

that you are beauty, gifted, free?

christmas 2015 379.NEF

The Christmas star atop the tree,

‘neath that which it shall never be.

christmas 2015 362.NEF

Decorations brushed with gold,

for every eye that doth behold

its perfect presence.


The perfect gift still waits for thee

so step outside and you will see

the Earth below, the sky above

expressing Spirit’s boundless Love.

It whispers

“Hello, Goodbye,


 do not cry.

for every day, my gift to you

in hues of yellow, green and blue.

No need for thanks

on bended knee,

just keep it safe,

this gift from me.”


Your world, your gift,

your gold, you sift

the wheat from chaff,

you sing and laugh!

To love you must accept perfection…

Happy New Year everyone!!

Let’s fill it with hope and boundless love and acceptance.

Cheryl KP

copyright words, photos

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