And He Shall Be Named../ForeverNever


Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

by Cheryl Pennington

copyright all content 2015

The Warrior and Ella begin their journey to be with Eagna and Eolas before their child arrives. The uncertainty of the safety of their world as the plan of their Creators unfolds is the driving force behind everyone’s thoughts and actions.  They wonder if things will ever be right again.  In the safety of Foirfeachta, Domhan’s First Family holds a quiet ceremony of dedication-lifting the new gift of life before Eternity’s blessing….

He Shall be Called….

Domhan’s first Mother and her family were determined to have a dedication ceremony for its newest member even though their friends could not be with them. The event was quiet and tender; and M’na’s prayer to Great Spirit removed any seeds of doubt Artine had planted in Bandia’s mind about her daughter’s contentment. The goddess watched as her daughter bathed the infant in herbal water and anointed his head with oil extracted from blooms found in the Sacred Inner Garden. She was with the family as they asked Eternity for blessing,  her soul soared when M’na lifted him to Eternal Light and implored their Creators. The infant’s pale face glowed pink in the glow of evening sunset, its eyes wide with wonder.
“Great Spirit, Mothers of Eternity and all who watch over us from within the Realm, hear our call of dedication and thankfulness. Bless our infant son, born of deepest love and welcomed by devoted, open hearts. May his soul be complete as he walks in the shadow of his brother who came before him,  that together they will form a bond of kinship for all to follow. We call his name to you now so that you will know him and keep vigilant watch over his walk in this world!” M’na placed a tender kiss on her son’s brow before lifting him over her head, his voice crying out as if echoing his her call to the heavens. The Mother of Domhan cried out, speaking her second son’s name for all within the Realm and for all of humankind to hear and remember.
“Great Spirit, he shall be Dochais!”
Fireann stepped behind M’na and placed his hands beneath hers, helping to support the infant, and kissed his companion tenderly on her neck. He looked to skies and called his son’s name proudly.


“Mother Inion, Father Mac, know my son Dochais!  And remember him well.”


Amhain stepped in front of M’na, raising his arms as high as he could, but he was not yet tall enough to reach his brother. Instead, he reached behind himself to wrap his arms around his Mother’s legs and added his young voice to the deepening shades of night.


“My brother Dochais lives!”


All together they sang out the infant’s name as the young child raised its new voice to Eternity, thrusting his arms and legs outward. M’na lowered her arms and cradled his body against her bosom again as glistening droplets of a Mother’s love spilled onto his delicate soft skin, for her gratitude simply could not be contained. From within the shadows of the forest they heard the gentle fluttering of wings as the night owl emerged and lit on the branch of a tree nearest to where Domhan’s First Family stood . Then she called out to each of them again and again, her answer to the blessing. After a few moments, she left the branch, disappearing once more within the dark shadows of the forest, as though she had never been there, save the single feather that wafted slowly to the ground, landing near Amhain’s dust covered foot. M’na’s first born grinned broadly as he bent to scoop it up and, standing on tiptoe,  presented it proudly to his brother.


“We’ll string it over his bed, Amhain.” M’na ran her fingers through the ringlets that fell around his pudgy face, overwhelmed with contentment that their dedication was blessed by Mother Bandia, her soul comforted to see the depth of love shining in her son’s eyes. There was no way to measure the happiness she felt in that moment-and no way to hold onto it…..


to be continued……

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Thanks for reading.  Love and Light.  All comments appreciated and welcome.

9 thoughts on “And He Shall Be Named../ForeverNever

  1. You are a very cunning story teller. I’m just thinking . . . The birth of M’na’s second son. Why does she have two sons? Bandia said its about free will and that the births are unpredictable. But I’m thinking about another incident where someone else had two sons . . . Am’hain is a fine lad, though too young (still holding his mother’s leg). He does love his brother with so much intensity. But now they are two . . .

    And by the way, Fireann is such a shadow of M’na!


    1. Thank you for reading Peter. There was no premeditation regarding M’na’s children, although happenstance often is ironic. In some ways parallels can be drawn. We shall see how life moves forward for these souls. Fireann is as he was created. To be strength, support and companion for M’na who took care of her world alone before she desired a mate. He is guileless but lives in a perfect garden with his perfect family. I prefer to think of him as a reflection of his companion. 😀


    2. Yes, there are those parallels that imply my own upbringing. 🙂 You will notice another before our story here ends…or begins, as it were. As’me was to be the child of Eagna and Eolas no matter the sex but it was Artine who assumed she would be a female because he wanted it to be so. Bandia was double talking to keep him at bay about her not being born into the perfect world of Foirfeachta and given to the only human he has any inkling of respect for-Mna.


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. I’m glad you enjoyed this part of the story. I have worked on the book for so long now they are like dear friends. I appreciate your kind words. Love and light.

      Liked by 1 person

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