Giving The Devil His Due/Food

Giving the Devil His Due

(The magnificent Deviled Egg)

(To all my Vegan friends out there, you may want to just walk on by this post.)


Oh?  The Little Chef?

Forgive my gratuitous “proud Grandma” moment.  Isn’t he adorable?  And he loves to help his Mom cook!  It must be genetic.  He wanted a chef’s hat and apron for his birthday.  I hope to see him in a full grown set some day if that is what he longs for.  Love you little man!

Now…where was I? Ahh… yes! Back to the Devil. I promised a fellow blogging friend to post this little bit of family history.  I bar tend for him over at his favorite ether hangout.  You should check out his latest If We Were Having a Beer post.  Funny guy and a true Jack of all trades.

Most people (those who like eggs anyway) love a deviled egg. They have been around since Betty Crocker sewed her first apron and have been the guest at many celebrations throughout the years.  They are a hit at parties, especially now in this low carbs geared eating society.  My sons all love them, a few even request them specially for any gathering.  I have always used my Mom’s simple recipe with a bit of my own “pizzazz” thrown in.  And then there is the matter of the “secret ingredient”.  Credit for that goes to my sister, who makes them all the time and hers are requested by everyone who has ever eaten them.  But…we’ll get there eventually.  First let me just lay out the basics for you.

The star of this production, of course, is the Incredible Edible Egg.  I always loved that campaign to reinstate the chicken offspring after the first news of the damaging effects of cholesterol pointed its accusatory finger at everyone’s favorite breakfast food. You gotta’ love advertising genius. 🙂


Boil them. (but don’t tell the chicken. They are so sensitive).  I won’t bore you with boiling techniques. That is an entirely different post.  Who would guess there are dozens of “foolproof” methods?  Okay, okay, salt in the water, full boil for 8 minutes, sitting in the hot water for 8 minutes after turning off, run under cold water and allow to cool.  Oh, and my hubby swears by dunking them in ice water.  He discovered this after trying to hurriedly boil eggs for his grateful wife who rushes home for lunch each day.


Assemble crucial ingredients.  For me, unfortunately I have no exact measurements. It is a fly by your pants, taste as you go, I’ve been doing it since I was twelve kind of thing.  BUT the ingredients for our family’s “famous” deviled eggs are as follows:

Deviled Eggs

Mayo (I only use Blue Plate-please don’t talk to me about Miracle Whip. There is nothing miraculous about sweetened oil, but I respect anyone’s tastes so please take no offense.)

Mustard, the yellow kind, although I have been known to plop in a tsp of Creole mustard if any is on hand.  That zips things up a bit!

Sour pickles or Dill Relish (Sweet relish never touches my lips so if you are into that, please just don’t tell me about it.)

Green Onion, tops only, and in moderation (this is where I stray from my Mom’s recipe. She used only onion powder but I like the distinct flavor of the green onion tops without the distracting crunch)

Salt, Black Pepper, Celery Salt (just a pinch), Cayenne Pepper (making them Devilish)

The Secret Ingredient


So, gently scoop out the yolks, place in a bowl and mash with a fork. Add all ingredients, checking for taste and texture a bit near the end.  I have my own method as most people do, adding onion and pickle first, then the wetter ingredients.  We like our deviled eggs creamy but not liquid like. Don’t overdo the mayo and drain your pickles. They add moisture which is why I add them first.

Lastly, comes the Secret Ingredient- thank you Mona- crispy fried, crumbled BACON!!!  Yep! And sometimes if I am bringing them to a party I will save a few choice pieces to garnish each egg with, just for enticement.


  Stir it all up, then carefully stuff your eggs. Some people like to get all fancy with a pastry bag and star tip but this will not work well with our friendly piggy addition. I just sort of fluff the filling in the center of the egg. Lastly, a gentle dusting with Cayenne pepper gives the final taste buzz we all love.  So many flavors that roll over your tongue in waves of pure delight.  This is a real comfort food for the guys we know.  And the bacon is the jewel in the crown.





The Incredible, dressed up, Edible Egg!

(This must be how it feels after a good Glamour Shots session.  But we don’t talk about that fiasco)

Happy Thanksgiving All!!

24 thoughts on “Giving The Devil His Due/Food

  1. First, I’m really sorry that I am commenting late on your posts. Was caught up in some many things, phew. Honestly, I love egg recipes and I will try this one. I mean Sarah will try this out. (I hate cooking, don’t ask me why) However, its hard to find bacon here so what would you recommend as a replacement. I have chicken sausages, salami, breast pieces, leg piece and mutton (goat meat). These are the options.


    1. No worries Sharukh. I know you have a lot to do. I appreciate any time you guys take to visit my little space. As for the eggs, it likely will be to your own taste. I would personally avoid any meat that will overtake the flavors in the filling. Perhaps the salami in small pieces or finely crumbled sausage, well cooked, remembering it is only a small amount of meat in ratio to the other ingredients. Were it me, if I had no bacon, I would o it the meat as this filling stands alone in delicious yumminess. 😄 Let me know how they turn out. Feel free to experiment with your own seasonings to taste as well.


  2. YES, mayo, not “salad dressing”! I never eat Deviled Eggs that I don’t make myself, because I’m afraid it’ll be made with Miracle Whip and it’s embarrassing to spit food out in front of the cook. I’ll have to look for Dill Relish — I thought that nasty sweet relish was the only kind there was. Thanks, Cheryl! (I’m here from Dan’s blog.)


    1. Hello! So good to see you here. Thanks for stopping by. I live Dan’s posts. We always chopped dill or sour pickles in the beginning. I found dill relish about ten years ago and even WalMart carries it. I use Mt Olive brand and it is really good. We don’t even keep sweet relish atound. We prefer chili cheese and mustard dogs. No relish. I feel the same way about deviled eggs. I am very dubious of the ingredients. Don’t like raw white onions either. Nice to meet you! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    1. So good to meet you. Thanks for popping over. Thank goodness my husband and I agrre about our condiments. Lol. But there is always room in the fridge for diversity….😀


  3. Oh God I could just reach through the screen and eat that pic. Am kicking myself for not thinking of adding bacon before! Now I’m drooling… thanks for the recipe and fun post Cheryl, will absolutely give the recipe a try!


  4. Oh my. I am changing the ending of my post now for certain. Bacon? Oh yeah. By the way, my sister-in-law worked for many years for the Iowa Egg Counsel and was working there during the start of the Incredible Edible Egg campaign. We have aprons and magnets and omelet pans from that period.

    Enjoy those eggs and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’ll see you behind the bar on Saturday.


    1. Oh how awesome is that?! I’d love to have an apron like that. Luck you. I was in the McDonald’s system back in the good old Ray Croc days. I still have items from the “Don’t forget to feed the wastebasket” and “Big Mac Attack” campaigns. (sshhhh… I still have one of the cancelled due to poor usage coffee stir spoons.) lol
      Have a great day and see you over your Yuenling…Can’t wait for your story. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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