To Become


                     To Become


The bloom, unfurled,
awakens its world,
with tiny pulse,
its petals curled
protectively around its heart.

Beneath the sun
soon to become
if not undone
by life’s unpredictable hand.

Let me, with trust,
do all I must,
while breath in me
and full of lust
for all the future holds.

My eyes upon
the shining sun,
my days shall pass,
and finally done,
wrapped in its glow, shall
fade away.

Cheryl KP
Copyright 20151

10 thoughts on “To Become

    1. Thanks so much Stephen. Good to see you. I hope things have been going well for you. I am in a time of metamorphosis and, hopefully just as the ugly catterpillar, I will emerge on the other side transformed. I have your new stories bookmarked to read. 😊


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