big tree park nov 2015 093


Dear God,

Can you see me here,
tiny and insignificant
in the face of Eternity?

Your light illumines me
and sustains my soul
through dark and lonely

Can you hear me now,
my voice crying in pain
for the lost and lonely?

Your promise keeps
me on the path of destiny,
the steps we planned together.

Can  you feel my love
beating in a  heart so small,
with hope so great for all?

I feel your promise
in that glorious light
of sunrise and sunset,
as day bleeds into night.

See me, hear me, feel me,
Great Spirit, in your vast enormity,
in the way that only you can-

Through the veil of sorrow’s mists,
behind the shadows of burden
and beneath the rubble of a world near ruin.


Cheryl KP
copyright words and image

14 thoughts on “Minuscule

      1. I would give credit to Sarah for this. She’s more of a nature person than me, but now that we’re together we both imbibe something from each other. So, I borrowed her passion for nature and she is slowly sinking into my world of literature. I introduced her to Mr. Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, F. Scott Fitzgerald and so on.


      2. I don’t know what Gentleman’s literature club is. I opted for literature just for the sake of Arts degree (there’s a long story behind it), but I gradually fell in love with it. I realized there is so much to learn about life, love, people and emotions from these stories than any other subject. I also fell in love during those days with a classmate (ha ha ha), but I guess she had her own choices.


      3. Oh it’s not a real thing, just my description of the group of writer’s you mentioned. 😀
        I would also add Walt Whitman, He ry David Thoreau, Hemmingway and Robert Browning. I feel the same way about literature that you do. There are worlds within books and I became completely immersed when reading. It is difficult for me to find such books these days. The last fiction I really enjoyed has been Stephen King. Oh but I am reading a good one now called Ready P,ayer One, recommended by my son. It is a Dystopian future piece focused on the memories of the 80’s, some of my favorite years. BTW, I fell in love with at least two of my English teachers and we know that wouldn’t have worked.


      4. One of my friends who lives in Maine introduced me to Stephen King, but I don’t see any horror in it. Probably, that’s my opinion. She also introduced me to Jeffrey Deaver and I got hooked to it. I have a collection of Deaver books in my closet. I also love Minette Walters and Dan Brown.


      5. Well some of his work is pretty horrific but not scary like ghost story scary. Horrific from a human nature standpoint. But I loved The Stand and The Dark Tower series. Those were his best work in my opinion. I read mostly spiritual awakening and supernatural phenomena books when I read at all. I love psychology works that deal with dreams, personal relationships and life after life. michael Newton’s books are the best for this subject.


  1. It’s amazing that in the vastness of the universe and the perimeters of eternity that God knows each of us and hears each voice when it calls. Lovely poem, Cheryl.


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