Saturday birds oct 2015 063.NEF


Day breaks,
heart aches-
mists of misery’s memory
creep into my waking soul.

Beauty fills
my heart until
sunlight burns sad moments
once recalled from beat to beat.

the soul’s food-
bringing me back to love in light,
the seat of hope everlasting, bright.

Day breaks
the world wakes,
I whisper my truth to the wind,
embracing another day of pretend.

Glorious, anesthetic morning.

copyright words and photo

What do you feel when you see a new sunrise?ย  New opportunity? Another day lost or a chance at success?ย  Beauty, miracle or just another day of work ahead?ย  Tell me what you think!

16 thoughts on “Daybreak

  1. It totally depends on where I am. In the city, I usually think “ugh,another day.” When I can enjoy nature and outdoors, sometimes a sunrise takes my breath away and I am in awe of the beautiful world we live in.

    Really beautiful picture (as always).


    1. If I keep myself tuned in, nature finds me everywhere…through cracks in the sidewalk, in the sky, on my windowsill at work. It helps me to remember I am not alone. Thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked the photo!


    1. Thank you Clarissa. Once we stayed in a hotel right on the beach and I nearly made my husband crazy with jumping up at the first hint of light to grab my camera and head down to the beach. For me it is a glorious moment to stand with the seabirds along the shore, facing the orange light with gratitude and awe. It always reminds me of the movie, City of Angels, with Nick Cage. That moment when all the angels line up on the beach together. I feel closer to God in this moment.


    1. It is difficult, even for a wordy person like myself (much to my husband’s dismay at times ๐Ÿ˜‰) to describe exactly what I feel for I have to define something which comes from that eternal place of knowing, of understanding, the magnitude of such an event. Another moment of life giving light that nudges this world awake, followed by the sounds (if one is listening) to every living thing taking its first breath of a new day, a new opportunity to be all that it came here to be. To me sunrise is like a sigh of contentment, relief that there is yet another chance to be magnificent.

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  2. I was born right at sunrise (according to my mom, I don’t remember lol) but daybreak just pulses with the essence of life itself to me. It always makes me focus on the horizon, the future. Love your photo as always.


    1. I know what you mean. Although no one has mentioned it, I was born at 6:45 west Coast time, so perhaps it was at sunrise. I love sunsets too; but sunrise is my favorite moment of the day, Clarissa. I really don’t like sleeping in and missing that moment.


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