Saturday birds oct 2015 113.NEF


In the dusky light she waits,
for what will come she contemplates.
The promise, bright as evening’s star
the voices calling from afar.
The world, too heavy,
holds her back,
the heartless days
bleed into black.
they might
the yearn

away home.

Cheryl KP

18 thoughts on “Waiting

      1. Diwali was average. I didn’t celebrate it to be honest. I was too busy working, it was a 5-day weekend holiday, but I worked all 5 days. The only holiday I took in November was when I and Sarah went to watch Spectre and the dinner thereafter. I did posted the images on the group page.


      2. The film was good, not as good as I had expected it to be. For me GoldenEye and Die Another Day and recently Casino Royale are good Bond movies. I love Sean Connery Bond movies as well, but these three are my favorites. Pierce Brosnan is my Bond.


    1. Hi Clarissa. Thank you. I hope your Halloween has been fun. Mine is quiet. But this moon has been kind to me, or perhaps I have allowed its kindness to glow in spite of the regular chaos that accompanies its brilliance. 😊

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      1. Thanks, Cheryl. It has been quiet here too, almost meditative which is not that easy for me. And the night is still young…


      2. I have to tell you because of late you are the only one who really understands these things. I had the most extraordinary experience yesterday. First of all, Thursday night I dreamed of electric blue small doves, flying up against a black background, one at a time, around five of them. I awoke feeling so delighted by them. Then on my way to work, a crow was flying just over the hood of my car a bit ahead. Birds often do this, I guess they like the wind from my car. Anyway, just before I reached my office, it turned around, 90 degrees! And looked right at me through the windshield, tyen darted off to the side. I ended up leaving work early and as I got into the neighborhood a young hawk flew in too. I went home, changed my clothes and took my camera out for a walk. After almost once around I hadn’t spotted it biput suddenly it began calling and lit on a jutting pine branch whete Iw as able to get dozens of photos. Then today after my short hour at another office we took a scenic route home and I was literally bombarded by every kind of winged thing. At least eight different types of birds, magenta dragonfly and butterflies! It has felt so beautiful
        I’m glad your day has been peaceful and meditative, and I hope you have sweet dreams. Thanks for letting me share this. 😊


      3. The winged messengers are trying to draw your attention, it sounds like something is stirring. Birds and other winged things are nearly always benevolent. I too have had dreams lately that more/less played out in some way in daily life. Neat synchronicity! πŸ™‚


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