Behind the Mask/Poetry

Free Friday fun 2015 154.NEF

Behind the Mask

Through the peephole,
 I can see
behind the crescent mask,
peering at me.

She glows behind the veil,

dark  descent
never sleeping, only weeping
over days spent.

She sees me staring through
the portal bright
and cheers-she smiles-
lights the dark night.

“I shall return and soon,
do not weep for me.
My tears all forgotten
as yours should be.

Tiptoe now,
turn from sorrow.
My love, the sun,
shall burn tomorrow,
making all new.

‘Tis his glow you see
upon my face,
sustaining me through
all time and space.

I am the reflection of his
brilliant light
the sultry mistress
of his nights.

So sleep, be well
and dream of this
The moonbeam’s glow
”neath the sunbeam’s kiss!”

Cheryl KP

6 thoughts on “Behind the Mask/Poetry

    1. Oh thank you! It is funny but I so quickly post at times, then after reading I find things to change, causing me to have to re edit and re post ugg. It only struck me after I had written my first thoughts that the only reason we see the moon is due to the sun’s reflection off of her surface, thus the line I used for my excerpt. We all need one another in some form or fashion.

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    1. Thank you dear brother, Leon! My heart is always tuned to the Yen/Yang of existence, as you well know. We must first acknowledge our need for that which lies within the other before learning to blend in a perfect dance of love and light. Much love to you both!

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