Too Deep/Poetry

bees and roses at sunrise 096.NEF

Too Deep

In too deep,
and nearly consumed,
no  retreat and no clear path
of progress.

What to do, what to do?

‘Tis well I go enfolded in such delicate

encouraging my mind
to forget the endless flight
of freedom.

There is treasure within.

I see it,
smell it, taste it-divine!

More time, more time,
to linger in days sublime-
all else forgotten.

Cheryl KP
2015 copyright

bees and roses at sunrise 097.NEF

6 thoughts on “Too Deep/Poetry

  1. I agree with you Dan. Cheryl, has the passion and experience that is so clearly visible in her poems. I have a question for you Cheryl, how much time do you take to write one poem? I know we normally don’t clock such things, but a wild guess would be sufficient for me.


    1. If you promise not to be mad at me, I will say my initial poem comes in about five minutes. It is like a tiny silken thread weaves itself up through my heart into my head and winds itself around my thoughts. Of course I write those down immediately and of course I usually make adjustments, change words and edit for better flow and balance as I read it over and over. By the tome I post with the photo, at least 30 minutes from start to finish. Most often the photo has inspired a thought which brings the poetry, so that part is easy. I once recently had an inspiration while at work and jotted my thoughts on a scrap of paper, for if I don’t they may flee from my brain and not return! Ha. In other words, my poetry is very spontaneous. I have much more difficulty trying to theme something. I don’t care for contrived work. The poetry I love to read need not rhyme, but rather speak to my soul and I feel it coming from someone else’s heart and soul.


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