The Angel Whispered/Poetry


The Angel Whispered

“The humans are so angry,”
sighed the dove.
“But they have beautiful souls”,
the angel whispered.

“Why do they not live in peace?”
asked the dove.
“They have forgotten the face of
their Creators,”
the angel whispered

“What if they can’t remember?”
cried the dove.
“Then their world will be lost,”
the angel whispered.

The dove wept bitterly.

“Never fear, little one. Eternity watches.
Soon all shall awaken, their souls set free.”

“I love you,” cooed the dove.
“And so it begins,”
the angel whispered….

Cheryl KP

6 thoughts on “The Angel Whispered/Poetry

    1. Thanks Clarissa. Me too. I especially love the cherubs with animals. It has inspired more than one poem from my heart. No, this is not mine. Our little retirement neighborhood is full of yards with statues and other “pretties” that I love to photograph, along with the occasional (if I am lucky) feathered friend. Some statues just seem to call to me, stir my soul I suppose…


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