A Green Day/Photography

Turning Blue to Green

The plan was to go to a nearby lush garden area, a park with trails, an old sugar-mill ruins and, hopefully loads of opportunities for photography.  As I neared the entrance it glared out at me like a bleak beacon.


What!? Still..I knew they don’t normally close the park for such events; but they had roped off the one small parking area and reserved for the wedding guests only. When I rolled my window down to inquire if the park was closed as well, the white haired attendant wearing Bermuda shorts simply gave me look of mild annoyance and said, “I don’t have any ideas where to tell you to park, young lady.” He saved himself a death wish with the “young lady” part. Anger. Disappointment! Self Pity. Then…Idea!

It’s sunny, beautiful, the afternoon is still young. Why not just go to the pier under the bridge? There should be SOMETHING there to photograph. Who knows? Maybe the fishermen are having luck and the pelicans will be hanging around like thieves at a food bazaar.

No Pelicans. The usual White Ibis. These are lovely birds but I have begun to call them the fancy pigeons of the area. They are everywhere. Pecking the ground like giant chickens. I really love them but have tons of photos of them. Still, I spotted a Great Egret on the little center island of the pond next to the pier. It was being coy, but I managed some nice photos.

Saturday at the pier oct 2015 024

Then a blue flash caught my eye. Across the pond a young blue heron arrived. While they are by no means rare, there are not as many of them  flying around as the egret. I slowly made my way around the pond to squeeze off a few shots.

Saturday at the pier oct 2015 042.NEF

This young bird was very skittish; and I ended up abandoning hope for a great shot, instead focusing on some small grackles that loved being in the limelight.

Saturday at the pier oct 2015 065.NEF

As I made my way back to my vehicle and was about to drive away, I took a final look at the pond for perhaps another shot of the egrets, noting that now there were three. Hmm…a trinity. Suddenly a hint of movement next to a nearby palm tree caught my eye. A smaller bird, blending in with the green grass and tree too well to properly identify was crouched next to the trunk.. I focused in the zoom. Could it be? I couldn’t see the face yet. But those colors…


It crept behind the palm, out of sight. I had all afternoon. Why be impatient? I waited, for the first time that day, in complete stillness, until from around the other side it crept, slowly and cautiously, literally in by inch until I could see it well enough to know for certain.

Saturday at the pier oct 2015 072.NEF


It was a Green Heron! They aren’t rare here but rarely seen in such open, populated places, being more inclined to marshy, secluded areas. (and who could blame them?) What a find for me, the Dilbert bird watcher. 😏


It finally emerged to take a look around.


Ahhh…a cool drink, and so it nipped at bugs and enjoyed the water, unaware of the voyeur admiring its beauty. I have rarely seen the Green Heron and it was an honor to be in its presence. I took a dozen photos while I had the chance. Eventually I knew I had to go and so bid a final farewell to my dear friend the Egret, perhaps the first water bird that I ever had a remarkable photo session with, seems like ages ago. I think it was smiling,  happy for all of us.

Saturday at the pier oct 2015 102.NEF

There are no coincidences in life. All too often we sit around, impatiently waiting for those events we deem “miracles”. The problem seems we have our expectation set only for maximum result when the small miracles are the ones that can fill our moment to moment life with such joy- simply and beautifully.

I hope you see the miracles in your world. I’d love to hear about those moments that turned your day from dull to bright!

Saturday at the pier oct 2015 110.NEF

21 thoughts on “A Green Day/Photography

  1. Great pictures. I was not so keen on watching birds earlier, but Sarah is a bird-lover and she transformed me into one. I am more of a fish-person, probably because I’m Pisces, but in India its hard to find places where you can scuba-dive or snorkel because of water contamination almost everywhere. In Vasai, since its not in the city, I get to migratory birds which keeps me excited and on my toes. So whenever I see them, I react like a small child who just happened to see a new toy in the toy store. 🙂 Look Look Look


    1. I never thoughtt much about bird watching in my younger years, thought some of those folks were crazy to sit around just waiting for something to move. Now I am one, although not so eccentric as so many. I am like you though. When I or my husband spots one, there is aa gasp and my hand flies to my shutter button. Autumn in the South is wonderful because so many birds migrate this time of year and stop to rest here. I am sorry about the water situation there. You would love it here. So many places to scuba dive and snorkel but we have to be vigilant about contamination. The world is dying around us and few realize the impact this is going to have. Living in the moment I suppose. Happy evening to you. Hello Sarah!

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  2. Here you are, doing the things you do best – taking wonderful photos and seeing the wonder in the ‘ordinary’. These birds may be frequent visitors in your world, but they count as rare in mine, so thank you for sharing. And here’s to many more wonderful glimpses of the extraordinary in the midst of ordinary.


    1. Hi Julia! Thanks so much. I am truly thankful that when I feel down or sad that all I have to do is look for something outside of myself and see the world a bit differently. It is a gift that I hope I never take for granted. Oh I still get depressed but there’s always a lizard waiting to cheer me up. 😀


      1. I have to say for all I have come to understand and try to apply to my actual living, I still have a heart that beats with uncertainty as though I were still that young Minnie a lot of the time. But then again, it allows me to remember that time so that I can have empathy for those still struggling with a sorrowful heart. I think we need to move on from our immaturity but never to forget its pain. It is a part of who we have become.

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