A World in Progress/Forever Never

She simply would not allow her mind to drift to the darker aspect of the miracle, of the deception…. and a good thing it was, for the Dark Watcher had become ever more diligent in finding moments to peer through his portal, as always unable to control the impatience that permeated his being.

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The Hatchlings/Forever Never

. Palabra stared, a cry frozen on her lips, in horrified awe as she peered into the depths, a place endlessly dark and vast in its emptiness. It was painfully cold within and yet she sensed a burning fire at its core. “Where is its gift?” thought Palabra, and leaned over to take a closer look. Continue reading The Hatchlings/Forever Never

Out of the Mouth of Caves/Forever Never

If none other on their world understood male pride, the Warrior was very aware of its mighty force. He knew how he would feel, and wanted to be as fair to them as he would expect for himself. He walked away, but looked back briefly and asked, as an afterthought, “Were there no animals in their company? Nothing on four legs? No great cat?”

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