Mourning Has Broken/Photography/Poetry

moments sept 2015 026.NEF

Mourning Has Broken

Then, sinking to her knees, the moon

fell silent.

Softly, she wept for the world

she had grown to love.

With dedication and honor

had she watched it by night,

keeping the darkness at bay

while its stewards slept.

What happened to their diligence

and care for their world?

Softly she whispered her pleas

of desperation to their souls.

“Wake up,” she sighed,

her tears falling on the morning.

The brilliant sun laughed at her,

his light burning away the sorrow.

He, as foolish as the sleeping

sheep beneath his burning light,

Living only in the moment of

his bright and brilliant smile.

In the shadows does she pray

for their ignorance and loves them still.

The cruel sun will burn until it

goes out in a blaze of glory


she knows she shall be left alone,

a cold, black stone to wander aimlessly

throughout eternity.

How she will miss its perfect gift……


Remember, the moon is always there, just blocked by the sun’s brilliant light……

Cheryl KP



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