rose garden 077.NEF


Tender is my heart
though steely my resolve.

None may see the tears
or understand the fears
it secrets there.

In silence I am lost
to reason or regret.
My soul deep in desire
of love’s consuming fire
that blinds reason.

Floating on the waves
the mists embrace me

quenching the flame,
and who shall I blame
for my sad folly?

My heart in fragments
searching for peace,

in whispers and pleas
I fall to my knees
in supplication.

Tender is my heart,
and none shall know it true.

Its well runs deep
where skeletons sleep
dreaming of freedom.

Cheryl Kp

4 thoughts on “Tender/Poetry/Phototgraphy

  1. Brilliant poem. I believe everybody has a tender heart, but sometimes we got to make it look like we’re tough or others just run over us. I sometimes wonder how millions of emotions are compressed in a space which is not more than the size of our fist. Millions of terabytes of emotions 🙂


    1. Thank you. I agree. And how many times do we, as humans, spend half a lifetime stuffing all of our emotions into tiny bubbles until one day a catalyst comes along like a sharp pin and just bursts them open. We don’t even realize we are doing this. Now I prefer to allow mine to slip out, a bit at a time through my writing at least.


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