When It Rains…

dewy roses sept 2015 095.NEF

When it rains,Β  Earth turns its face to God with

gratitude and joy.

dewy roses sept 2015 083.NEF

while luminescent beauty taunts,

pretending to be coy.

dewy roses sept 2015 087.NEF

Things with wings and voice to sing find comfort,

cool and wet,

dewy roses sept 2015 086.NEF

a universe hangs quivering in

an iridescent droplet.

dewy roses sept 2015 092.NEF

She bows before she takes the floor

to waltz into the arms

dewy roses sept 2015 123.NEF

of Sunlight’s embrace-she blushes,

falling soft into his arms.

dewy roses sept 2015 132.NEF

When it rains I see the miracle existing

in the world

dewy roses sept 2015 114.NEF

with every sprig that breaks the soil and

each petal bright,unfurled.

dewy roses sept 2015 130.NEF

Look inside, see all that hides encased

in liquid light-


see the colors that She whispers on the air

for Life’s delight.

Spirit’s promise ever present in the tears of the sky.

Cheryl KP

copyright content


16 thoughts on “When It Rains…

  1. I cannot even describe the warmth in my heart generated by the exquisite harmony that is created as your words and pictures dance their lovely dance. Thank-you for the opportunity to watch that you so generously presented.


    1. It makes me truly happy to hear that you enjoyed the post and thank you for visiting and for your kind words. I hope to see you again. I enjoyed your beautiful photos as well. Much luck to you in all your endeavors. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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