In So Deep/Photography/Poetry

bees, roses and sunrise sept 2015 090.NEF

In So Deep

In so deep
I can hardly breathe.
Is it your cologne,
your lips on mine
or your breath against my flesh?

Not enough!
I must have more or
I may die of longing-
surely such addiction
will only lead to wronging.

Let me breathe,
let me seethe,
basking in the moment
you are gone,
calmed by the knowledge you
will return-but when?

Go!  Don’t go!
Let us drink some more.
Never tiring
of desiring-as
time rushes by.

There is no time,
only you and I.
Cheryl KP
copyright content

2 thoughts on “In So Deep/Photography/Poetry

    1. I had a fe stings myself but they were from wasps. Just like with fire, one learns to respect its nature and approach with caution. Yes, they have been in danger. Also the introduction the killer bees here has dwindled their population.


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