The Long Drink/Photography

bees birds and spiders aug 2015 020.NEF

The Long Drink

“Drink me,”

soft, she whispered,

lost in his embrace.


by the etching of

desire upon his face.

Giving all

without a thought,

emptying her heart,

forgot that she

must quench her own

thirst once they were apart.

Parched and dry, she

wondered why,

when life had filled her cup,

the precious draft so easily

she had given up.

Still, should he come

and ask for some,

whatever may remain,

she’d gladly give,

long as she lived,

to have him drink again.

Cheryl KP

copyright  2015

5 thoughts on “The Long Drink/Photography

  1. HI!
    Your poem is beautifully written. I know Masgauten and Danny Ray. I met you on his Meet and Greet. I am also interested in photography and have blogged about it several times. I teach photography to others in middle school. Nice to meet you.


    1. Hi Janice! So nice to meet you. Isn’t photography amazing. I think its awesome that you teach it to young children. I kook forward to checking out your blog and hope you come by here again.


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