There once was a sapling….

Summer days 2015 089.NEF

Like a monolith from out of time

the sentry remains steadfast,

its welcoming arms

Summer days 2015 087.NEF

and gnarled fingers outstretched,

sunlight dancing across its gray,

ancient skin.

Summer days 2015 073.NEF

I can feel your heartbeat, hear your

whisper on the wind.

“I have seen cycles of time unfold

into what is your history.  The

Earth is my Mother and, you, her

most beloved Children.”

Summer days 2015 084.NEF

A bearded old man, yet

you are vibrant with the energy

of eternity.

Summer days 2015 085.NEF

Reaching, stretching your roots

across time and ages past,

connected to all that has ever been.

Summer days 2015 076.NEF

There is a world upon your face!

A living, green scape of Creation’s breath

that quakes with your pulse.

Summer days 2015 080.NEF

Magnificent!  You are life,

you are time, you are giver,

beauty, grace, strength, endurance,

hope, tenacity, perseverance,


(And your right arm looks just like an elephant’s trunk! )

Cheryl Kp



14 thoughts on “Ancient/Poetry/Photography

  1. “Like a monolith from out of time”

    I like that a lot, I’ll think of ancient trees as monoliths now. It certainly describes them.

    Is anything more romantic/Gothic than Spanish moss? Beautiful pics as always.


    1. I love Spanish moss Clarissa. It all but became extinct in Louisiana, where I am from, at one point due to the pollution. But it is coming back there now.
      The thing I love most about my neighborhood here is that all the original trees were left and the oaks are covered in moss. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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