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This post is dedicated to a very special group of friends I was fortunate to have been brought together with by the same person who dreamed up this blogfest.  I would like to thank Damyanti at Dailywrites for her dedication to bringing together like minded people and helping us to tap into our creativity and share it with the world. Thank you for creating the Cherished Blogfest idea, my friend. And to my other friends who have hosted this event, I am sorry I was not able to join in that part but am trying here to at least join in. You have all done a wonderful job as the creative, wonderful souls that you are. So thank you also to Dan Antion of No Facilities,Sharukh at India Destinations, Peter at Demigorgon’s Fiction and Paul from Echoes of the Pen. Congratulations on a job well done!

For me, this is a very daunting task, not because I cannot find that which I cherish, but rather that I cannot choose what I would cherish above anything else.  I truly cherish each moment that I am blessed to live in this life, even the painful ones; for they provide the greatest growth and understanding in the end.  BUT….narrowing it down to an object has made this task a much easier one and one that might seem fairly obvious to those who know me well.  For this object affords me the gift of keeping all my cherished moments, objects and feelings for revisiting and sharing with others.  Have you guessed it yet, my friends?  My cherished object may seem a bit frivolous; but to me it is companion, teacher, magician, historian, painter and friend.  My cherished object for a long while now has been…..


Meet my friend, Mr. Nikon


My camera is my closest friend

from morning with me till day’s end.

The world in all its glory, light

from brilliant dawn to darkest night

and fullest moon.

My family ever close to me

as with my friend, together we

freeze the moments, smiles and tears

that tend to fade throughout the years

of time passing.

When I am sad, the world too mean,

there is joy and comfort to be seen,

as hand in hand we turn our gaze

to wonders present in all the days

that never cease.

A tiny bud, a perfect bloom

the brightest faces in a room.

Sunrise, moonbeams, sandy beach

elusive damselfly, just out of reach

cannot escape our eye.

Soon I forget the pain and sorrow

as I hunger for a new tomorrow.

For therein lies another chance

to sing, to laugh and wildly dance

through puddles in the rain.

These moments, precious, fleeting rare

are gifts too fleeting not to share.

And thusly bring some cheer, a smile-

a chance of pleasure for awhile

to another seeking comfort.

Here, now find, a bit of time

without any reason, order, rhyme.

Of days gone now from memory,

but still so fresh when’er I see

the images my friend has kept for me.

I would like to share with you some of my favorite treasures from the looking glass of my camera.  Just click on the video below.  What is it that you cherish?  I’d love to know!

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40 thoughts on “How To Choose/The Cherished Blogfest

  1. Your camera is your third eye. The third eye reveals a greater in-depth beauty that the two ordinary eyes. That is why images looks so wonderful, the world lights up in front of the camera, and the third eye captures the best. Thank you for sharing this piece Cheryl. I love it.


    1. And by the way I may be able to read about those lovely Domhanians this week. God knows I have missed them! The hardest, most time-consuming part of the project is over. So I’ll have some time.


  2. This ‘more’ game is a vicious circle that traps even the wisest mind. Moms are the best.( they go that extra inch to get things) The time teller holds within it a ‘time’ from the past!


  3. Your camera is a tool that superbly lets you capture your considerable gift of seeing the beauty all around you and sharing it with the world. It’s not just you who cherishes it.


      1. Being creative, whether it’s through image or word (at both of which you excel) or some other outlet is something vital to being human – well, I think so. It’s lovely to hear that people reading Selkie are enjoying it – it’s always good to have your creations admired, but even if no one ever read a word, I’d still keep on writing, just as you’d keep on capturing and relishing the beauty you see all around.


      2. This is true. I always say I can never write to fill a “slot”, which may be why I never make money at it. ha. But it is for my soul, for the uplifting of Creation as a whole and to say “thank you” for the life I was born to live. I always hope someone, somewhere, finds a bit of consolation or camaraderie in the things I share. We all need to feel less alone in the world while being okay if we are alone sometimes.


  4. Cheryl, Cheryl, my dear Cheryl. Where do I start? You wouldn’t believe if I say that I knew that your cherished object would be your DSLR. Surprisingly, you wrote about it and what a tribute. You’re my photography guru and my inspiration. Like Damyanti mentioned its your Nikon that has captured the image that eventually became the blogfest badge. Keep clicking more. Also to mention you’re also my inspiration for writing poetry.


    1. Oh my Sharukh, you are so kind. I thought you might guess my treasured object. I so appreciate your words. I am honored you find my work inspiring and I always look forward to your posts. I still say you should be a food, travel writer for a national magazine or tv show. And I look forward to seeing more of your poetry. Thank you, my friend.

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      1. Thank you for all the kind words and for inspiring me to push my limits. Yes, if I get a job like that where I can write on food and travel, I would certainly do it on a national level too, but I think I still have to wait, there are much better ones holding the position. For me, your comments and likes are like Academy and Golden Globes. They satisfy the artist in me.


      2. I agree with what you say Cheryl. Even many of my close friends tell me I am a ‘star’ of the group. I take your words seriously, I take theirs seriously as well, but I never want that thing to get into my head and have ego problems. I always keep learning, keep pushing for more. There’s a Chinese saying – A filled cup cannot take in anything.


      3. I like that proverb Sharukh. I think you can balance some quality confidence with your ego. You are good at juggling, yes? 😉 everything in human life is about balance.

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  5. Nicely done Cheryl, and with your signature style of beauty and elegance. I’m so glad you could join us. And, as Damyanti mentioned, you, and your camera are part of every post since your image is the foundation of our badge. Thank you for all your support, in the group and now.


    1. Thanks Dan. I know you guys have done the hard part; but I was happy to be able to contribute and be a part of this blogfest. I am so happy to have met all of you for you all inspire me every day!

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  6. I am not one to just heap praise on someone unnecessarily. But I LOVE your photography. Anyone can take pictures, and any high quality camera will yield good results. I think your talent is for really capturing the feel of the moment in time, the essence. Your pics alone often tell the story, the accompanying stories/poems an added bonus! You’re great at what you do and it strikes chords with people. So glad we crossed paths 🙂


    1. Hi Clarissa. Thank you so much. My hope is always to convey what I feel when I see what I see. I want so much for the unseen world to be recognized. There is such beauty and wonder in the smallest things, yet without these tiny miracles, life would not be balanced. I, too, am so happy we met and really value your insights and talents.

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  7. Thank you for taking the time to participate, Cheryl. And you’re so kind as usual with your words of praise.

    Your camera has become a cherished object to us as well — it gave us the pic that became our badge!


    1. Thank you Damyanti. I am so happy to have been a part of the project in that way. I am seeing such great response to the blogfest and already have met some really talented and wonderful new people. It’s awesome!


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