Today’s Rose/Photography

Today’s Rose

bees and roses at sunrise 180.NEF

The wisdom of today’s rose-

lovely, bright,

face towards the light


is to seek your bliss,

bees and roses at sunrise 116.NEF


rise above the abyss

of illusion.

bees and roses at sunrise 147.NEF

Then taste it, sweet,

know joy complete

in its perfection.

bees and roses at sunrise 170.NEF

and so, take your fill,

Β yet knowing still

it must be shared.

bees and roses at sunrise 124.NEF

to be fully appreciated…….

Find your bliss in every moment.

Cheryl Pennington

copyright words and photos


8 thoughts on “Today’s Rose/Photography

  1. Wow Cheryl, just wow! I have so many pictures where a bee used to be, and you have not one, but two, and the flower is in focus and they’re all beautiful. Nice job!


    1. One of them buzzed me a couple of times Dan but oncee they got into thwir business they forgot all about my lens. Most small insects react to the light reflection that occurs with the zoom lens. I have to angle myself to try to minimize it. I actuallt got better than 50 shots. I wnr back out in the afternoon and one bee was still in there! It appeared inebriated. Watching them inside the rose was like watching a cat rolling around in catnip. Lol


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