Jealous Watcher/Forever Never


Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

by Cheryl Pennington

copyright all content 2015

The Sorceress is driven from her frantic flight to Jinetes, her Mother’s wisdom bringing her back to her true purpose and the Mother of Domhan is planning a journey of her own.  Once she convinces Fireann to accept her plan they can be on their way to visit Eagna who grows lonely in the wake of her companion’s absence and the uncertainty of what fate awaits him and the Warrior who travels with him into the land of endless smoke. The only thing which brings her comfort is the gentle presence of her unborn child…..

The Jealous Watcher
“All your gifts of love for the others…” whispered Ar’tine as he sulked in his dank cave of endless despair and stroked the leathery, wet skin, feeling the gentle rise and fall of its body with every shallow breath.  “If only you had as much love for your God as you do for your creations, my dear Bandia.  Alas, I must wait in solitude for the return of my As’me. She will love me. And you cannot be with all of your creations in every moment that passes….”

Eagna climbed the porch steps, wondering about her Eolas and pondering over the journey he had undertaken with the Warrior, Laoch. How long would they remain in that land of smoke and what had they been doing? Her mind wanted to race madly to his side but she remained confined within her beloved homeland.  As if to distract its worried mother and remind her of its precious presence, the child within her belly rolled and kicked, drawing Eagna from the empty well of loneliness she was digging for herself.

“I am here, Mother! We can console one another,” it seemed to say.  Eagna gasped, delighted, and smiled as she put the freshly gathered herbs in their drying boxes-“the boxes made by our loving companion,” whispered her heart.  The impatient child wriggled again.

“Alright, alright, little love. I won’t be sad. Shall we have a song then?”  Eagna found new courage in comforting the restless unborn.  She stepped into the dusty light of their little home singing a gentle tune, creating the words as she went-a lilting promise of still waters, starry nights and sailing off to sleep under an eternal moon. Soon they would all be together. Soon. Her thoughts eventually turned to her friend, M’na, wondering how the family in Foirfeachta was getting along; but the female carefully shielded her thoughts from venturing to the coming moment of childbirth. She remained as wise as she was lovely; but there was no way for he to know of the intrusive eyes watching her from the edge of the woods.

She didn’t hear the heavy breath of the beast as sat in waiting to carry out its Master’s instructions. It was told to do no harm, but merely to observe, being the eyes of the Master in His absence; for while he was forbidden to move across Domhan in the physical ever again, his portals remained untouched. He was, if nothing else, a most resourceful god.  The blood moon was just beginning to glow orange against a fading blue canopy of skylight. Eagna found little comfort in its red glow and quickly closed the door and dropped the cover over her window.  Normally she loved to bask in the moon’s light, but somehow in that moment she felt exposed. It would be easier to feel close to Eolas once they curled up in the covers of their bed, nestled under the smell of him that lingered there…..

to be continued……
Sorry Peter.  The next one is beastly long.  😉
As always I thank you for reading and appreciate any feedback or comments.  If you are interested in past chapters you can find them all by typing  Forever Never in the search box. I believe they are listed from most current backward, however; so if you want to start at the beginning, go waaay back.  The first chapter is The Traveler/ The Question.
Hope you all have a creative and  perfect week!  Love and Light

2 thoughts on “Jealous Watcher/Forever Never

  1. So short indeed! And that guy Ar’tine in “his dank cave of endless despair and stroked the leathery, wet skin, feeling the gentle rise and fall of its body with every shallow breath”
    This is a very disturbing description. And I wonder what that beast of his will do when he discovers that he had been tricked.


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