Nine Dollars’ Worth of Kindness

Originally posted on Standing at the Mouth of Truth:
This afternoon as I was leaving work – jaywalking in order to reach the busstop on time – a man approached me.  Well, he didn’t exactly approach.  As I passed him on the sidewalk, he told me that I looked “pretty.” He didn’t seem threatening or demeaning, and seemed sincere in his statement, so I took the compliment. As I was walking away, toward the door that would lead me through the main corridor to my bus that was soon to arrive, I heard, “Excuse me, can I ask you a… Continue reading Nine Dollars’ Worth of Kindness

To Save a Warrior/Forever Never

“But be ever watchful for that which seeks to deceive and destroy you. It will not always present itself in the ways that are obvious to you now. The deadliest poison often lies in the sweetest bloom, while the ugliest branches can bring forth the nectar of life if harvested carefully. You know this to be true. Now you must reawaken this knowledge and nurture it as your roots to the Earth of Domhan.” Continue reading To Save a Warrior/Forever Never