Although I Smile


Although I Smile

Although I smile,

you cannot see

the pain that lives

inside of me.

It is my own

I cannot share

the weight so often

hard to bear.

Although I smile

my heart will break

yet naught I show

my truth forsake.

It is my gift,

my treasure born

of broken dreams,

a heart so torn.

Although I smile

please look beyond

the false pretense,

that magic wand

of illusion.

And judge me not

lest my lips grow tired,

my words turn bitter,

thoughts less inspired.

For life is heavy

once in awhile;

and I am human

behind the smile.

How many smile

to hide the pain

the strain

and quiet refrain

of sorrow?

Take a moment,

to walk a mile

within their shoes

and try to smile

their smile.

Cheryl kP



22 thoughts on “Although I Smile

      1. And I love this beautiful version of one of my favorite songs of the last few years. I feel the love in it with every fiber of my being….endless.


      2. It really feels so good to feel you feeling good,
        to feel you expose some pain to ease your heart and brain,
        to know we are One, gifts from the stars, each other’s divine blessings.


      3. Thank you for the lovely prose Leon. Sometimes we have imprints from early learning, the effects of which we don’t realize are as much a hindrance as a gift. Always proud of my ability to brave any storm and make the most of what I have been given, it is all too easy to forget to honor the parts of me that are tender, in need of comfort. Then agaian, there is much comfort in helping to ease the pain of others. As you well know my friend. I am feeling such comfort in these days…

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      4. … “from early conditioning”, you mean; “as much a gift as a hindrance”, you mean. Oh yes, Dearest, I do know. How can we avoid getting misunderstood when we give such an all-supportive impression most of the time? We are finding the balance though, aren’t we? Not all traumas can be overcome, but I see us both receiving from one another so naturally, learning how our well-intentioned pride can be softening with others, too.


      5. Yes, brother. In this moment my heart is full of peace. No longer am I trying to grasp it like a rare sought prize but allowing it to wash over me like the gift it is…as we live, so we grow. Thoguhts are with you always.

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    1. Thanks Dan. There is a burden that people often don’t recognize, within themselves and in others;and that is the need to bring a happiness to others but not always in their own best interest. Most times “smiling through” is very healing but at others it gets in the way of really dealing with painful things. As always, life requires balance.

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  1. Smiling to hide the pain… that really is so, so many people. Probably most people. Sadly true poem, still beautiful πŸ™‚

    How many roses do you have? The color of this one is exquisite!


    1. It is. I love the quote to be kind to everyone you meet for you do not know what they may be suffering.
      I have fuve rise bushes, all different kinds. I love to go out before work, at lunch and at night to say hello. They are like my children really. Alepways a different moment..thank you. I hope you are doing well today. 😊

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      1. I’m doing well, all things considered. Hope your week is turning around!

        I love roses so much, I rent so I don’t have any of my own but my mom was and is a prolific gardener. We always had roses growing up, even when we moved she’d just dig them up and take them with us. They remind me of happy childhood memories. Roses are finicky so get puny if they’re not given the proper attention; yours are always perfectly healthy looking so I know you love and tend to them! πŸ™‚


      2. We also had guinea bean plants for a couple of summers. Those things are awesome! Have you seen them before? They are more conducive to your climate than mine. Here’s one description: and trust me, she’s not exaggerating about the growth! They do grow between 6-12 inches per day when they’re in the growth mode. The gourds grow between 4-8 feet long. We had it growing on a 14 foot iron trellis one year and the plant demolished it, so we didn’t grow it again πŸ™‚


      3. Thanks for the link Clarissa. I love interesting plants and my husband always loved gourds. I wish we had more property like we used to but wr can put up trellises. I go out and (don’t laugh) talk to my roses and touch them in the morning. They are so gentle. I appreciate the beauty of nature and they are so elegant and graceful. Im sorry you can’t grow them where you are. I understand why your Mom would want to yake them along.

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