Whole Lotta Trouble/Photography

Afternoons spent strolling on the beach are relaxing.  And entertaining.  Like watching this egret trolling for appetizers…..

mem day 2015 2 016.NEF mem day 2015 2 017.NEF

Although it was fun to watch my dedicated friend, in the end it seemed like

a whole lotta’ trouble…..

mem day 2015 2 019.NEF mem day 2015 2 020.NEF

For such a small snack!

mem day 2015 2 021.NEF

I can’t say I haven’t done as much for a nice appetizer.  And the water was nice, the sun warm and the surf was serving up a real sampler for my friend…..

May all your desires be fulfilled and your snack trays full!

14 thoughts on “Whole Lotta Trouble/Photography

  1. What an array of wildlife you have in your neck of the woods – another set of absolutely lovely photos, Cheryl.


      1. You too. The clouds are covering the sky as I type – just in time for the weekend here 😀


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