Nine Dollars’ Worth of Kindness

I have felt this many times over the years and walking away from others in even the smallest of need has become so commonplace for most people. It is too easy o judge, slot and file and dismiss other human beings from our thoughts. Thank you, Karen, for taking a moment to think before you acted…

Standing at the Mouth of Truth

This afternoon as I was leaving work – jaywalking in order to reach the busstop on time – a man approached me.  Well, he didn’t exactly approach.  As I passed him on the sidewalk, he told me that I looked “pretty.” He didn’t seem threatening or demeaning, and seemed sincere in his statement, so I took the compliment. As I was walking away, toward the door that would lead me through the main corridor to my bus that was soon to arrive, I heard, “Excuse me, can I ask you a question?”

I have worked downtown for years, and I have heard “Can I ask you a question” a thousand times. But as I paused to consider whether to answer, I realized that I still had my work badge hanging from my clothing, so I thought that I had better oblige, whether or not I had time to do so.

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2 thoughts on “Nine Dollars’ Worth of Kindness

  1. Thansk for sharing this Cheryl. I have a similar story coming soon. These are hard stories to share and I am glad to see more people finding a way to tell them.


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