The #Cherished Blogfest

Originally posted on Demogorgon's Fiction:
This post deviates from my usual ones, which are strictly fiction. I have not posted anything for three months due to an observation I made one day while stuck in traffic.  It led to a philosophical quandary that still plagues me to date. I hope to pull out of it sooner. Meanwhile, my wonderful friends over at Blog Friends First, led by no other than Damyanti Gosh of Daily Writes have organized the Cherished Blogfest. Cherished is the word! The Cherished Blogfest is about the most cherished object in your possession. I once came… Continue reading The #Cherished Blogfest

Beauty Within

Beauty Within “Am I pretty?” I ask sincerely. “To me you are,” she said dearly. If only she’d lied to the woman inside who needed to shine instead of to hide. Tell her she is beautiful and not because of duty. The truth is all existence speaks To God’s  idea of beauty. Encourage her to see her worth not measured by affections; but rather know that every part of her is pure perfection. “Am I pretty?” whispers innocence. (No way to hide behind pretense) “Most lovely, perfect, gift sublime,” replied her Mother just in time, released the butterfly inside where … Continue reading Beauty Within

A Mother’s Love/Forever Never

Will being in his arms in union diminish the pain he will feel from abandoning the one he has now chosen? Will this desire of yours be enough to sustain both of you? Laoch is a proud warrior and you, a proud Sorceress. Perhaps that might be too much pride to exist in a single life together.” Continue reading A Mother’s Love/Forever Never