Blush/Today’s Rose


The dawn brushes her cheek

with velvet blush.

she shyly refuses to wake.


Noon entices her sweetly

with promise of warm

tender kisses. She wakes!


Embracing light, she glows

in spite of evening’s

deepening shadows.

And so she slumbers in the blush of sunset….

Cheryl KP




17 thoughts on “Blush/Today’s Rose

  1. Roses are my favorites! I’ve had a garden out front for about 7 years now. This year, despite the Cali. drought, they are coming up…well, roses! A tremendous bunch. They must be bullet-proof as they say!

    BTW, did you see your “Deep Purple” song was in my inventory already? Hope you get back to play it.



    1. Oh no I must have missed it. I was so excited by all the great tunes you have posted. Yes, the roses are just flourishing. I can’t seem to keep myself away from them. I’d love to see your garden sometime too! Stay cool out there.

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      1. Yeah…thanks. It’s gonna be 94 degrees in my “neck of da woods” today! Going to the gym.

        Funny, it’s cooler inside there, but I work up a sweat…LOL! We’ll talk later on. Keep up those beautiful pics.



      2. I’ve been on a new regimen of working out, mostly outdoor walking/running, followed by an i door session on my mini stepper. I’ve been so happy with the results but this week work has busted me totally for working out. I have to hit the beach or a trail this weekend. Hope your workout was good!


    1. Hi Dan. I really do take photos of them morning, noon and evening and find it fascinating to see the how quickly they burst into life. Yes, growing things fill me with a sense of energy and continuity. And now that my boys are all grown….😌


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