The Journey/Forever Never/Poetry



As I stretch my wet limbs,
newly formed,
toward the gentle touch
of Grandfather Sun,
I feel the surge of life pulse
through my veins, whispering
of the journey I am about to take.

Song of truth,
voice of hope,
breath of Love,
hand of destiny,
Spare me no secrets as I
Accept this life,
bend humbly to eternity’s will
and embark on my next step to
Forever never…

Copyright words and photo

4 thoughts on “The Journey/Forever Never/Poetry

  1. Hey. I saved this post for today because I thought it was the new installment of Forever Never. But it’s not. Imagine!
    Anyway, I’ll look at that Chapter 1.


    1. Thanks Peter. I have done a but of work on it. I have taken some suggestions to heart, but some things I won’t change because it is just how I write. I really don’t want to conform to formula writing to sell my work. But at the same time Iw ant it to be enjoyable for those who like the story. It seems every time I read it I change something…thanks again and have a great weekend. Looking forward to your next words my friend. 😊


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