Love’s Passing…./Poetry/Photography

Dunlawton Garden 2015 006.NEF-001

Soft as a whisper, love came down
when love was a gift, a song to be found
and roused from its sleep of peace deep
in soul’s memory.

Take care as you bare its heartbeat to
the harsh light of scrutiny, for it knows no
thought but to be shared as a treasure-that
once buried beneath the pulse of time.

And if you tire of its sweet fragrance as so
many careless wanderers do, their path a crooked
mile,  their lusty minds seeking new
exotic fragrance, hearing sweet the siren’s call;

Do not cast love off, scattering its hope as
petals in the wind that fall like ashes on the cold,
hard ground to be crushed beneath
the heel of cruel disregard.
Return love to the bosom of its birth, lying in
the shadows of eternity, covering its tender
face with soft grass where the birds can sing
it to sleep once more with mournful cry as low
their heads bow in reverence for its passing.

Do not look back, nor moan with remorse,
do not laugh or weep and gnash your teeth
for what has gone.  Love will ever be love no
matter how often resurrected.  It knows no
other way….

Cheryl KP

7 thoughts on “Love’s Passing…./Poetry/Photography

      1. Have a relaxing time! We have a long weekend too, which I’m starting by fighting off a cold. But, I have the whole week off, so am looking forward to catching up with myself a bit. I hope to have Selkie online in the next few days, and I also plan to start writing my next novel (I’ve already done a lot of the work – I just need uninterrupted – by both life and health – time to get it well underway). I’m very excited 🙂

        I thoght of you earlier today when I was out on a drive with my husband. We saw some Lamas and I took photos on my phone. They had such funny expressions on their faces – each one a real individual – and I knew you’d have come up with amazing shots and little quips that would suit them perfectly 😀


      2. 😄Oh how I wish I could have seen that Julia! You honor me with your thoughts and I thank you. A friend has told me of having a fawn on his proprety lately. I would love to photograph a deer as well. But my luck it will be wagging its tongue. For some reason the animals like to perform antics for me! Lol. Good luck with the writing and I hope you feel better right away! Hugs!


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