Lonesome Dove/Not So Random Moments

Okay Dan of No Facilities, here she is! On that long pier with no one around, I was feeling the need to stop the chatter in my mind and connect with the natural world around me. No birds were coming.  Something within me just whispered, “Sing…”

Every time I hear a bird singing, another song always pops into my head.  My Mom always loved Hank Williams; and one of her favorite songs was “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry.”  So there it came, winding its way up my throat-timidly, softly, barely audible, as I looked furtively around to be certain I was alone.  I was. So I sang on with more heart.  Very soon I was no longer alone.  She lit on the pier about ten feet away, looking right at me and making her way ever closer.

Bullow State Park 2015 089.NEF Bullow State Park 2015 092.NEF

I kept on singing, every verse I could remember, some twice, thinking any moment she would fly away. But no. She was there to see me.

Bullow State Park 2015 090.NEF Bullow State Park 2015 095.NEF Bullow State Park 2015 091.NEF

She seemed to waltz rather than walk her way to me, moving side to side as she got closer.  As I sang, I kept searching to find the line about the train in the song but it eluded me.  (someone else was using it at the time ;))

Bullow State Park 2015 097.NEF Bullow State Park 2015 098.NEF

Finally, she stopped right at my feet and allowed me to stoop in front of her to frame a closeup, looking me right in the lens.  Isn’t she beautiful?

As she turned to leave I noticed she had a broken feather.  Yeah, I know, that brings on another song. We’ll save that for next time.

Having finally given me the full photo session, Ms.Dove turned and began her trek back up the pier, stopping to pick up a prize twig, perhaps for her nest.  A true gift for me on my “day before Mother’s Day” outing.

I always thought my singing would drop the birds from out of the sky. I just didn’t think they would be breathing when they landed.  Ha!

Bullow State Park 2015 100.NEF Bullow State Park 2015 102.NEF

Bye, bye Birdie!

I just have to post the song that inspired this moment.  Sorry Dan, but I really do love it.  Maybe it is just memories of my Mom or of all my hopes and dreams of becoming a poet.  Can you hear the whistle blow?

Night all……

17 thoughts on “Lonesome Dove/Not So Random Moments

  1. Cheryl, this was a lovely song, beautiful bird, and sweet way she kept on walking then waltzing towards you. I have followed Dan for over a year and have always enjoyed how you figure into his bar with a pal posts. 🙂 Robin


    1. Hi Robin, so nice to meet another friend of Dan’s. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and my little friend. The birds never cease to amaze me. Isn’t Dan a genius with his If We Were Havinf a Beer pieces? I love “tending bar” there. 😉 I hope to see you again. I will be sure to check out upyour place too! Cheryl


    1. Hello Damyanti! So good to see you. Thanks. I love my moments with creation. Ha! These days birds are almost knocking on my door. I feel like Cinderella. If only I could convince them to help with the housework. But they just want their photos taken. Such divas. Lol seriously it was the perfect Mother’s Day gift for me. I hope you have been well.


  2. Thanks for sharing that Cheryl. The photos are wonderful. We have Morning Doves that have been nesting in one of our bushes during the winter. They are starting to move out into a nearby tree and construction on that new nest is well underway. They are so pretty. I gave Hank a listen, I actually do like that song. I might not be able to sing as much as you (certainly not as well) but I might give it a try, if I was alone and if a bird was walking toward me.


    1. And your voice would be loved by that bird Dan. Thanks. I also like the Elvis version and of course as a teen hung on the Donny Osmond version as well. I think most people have felt the things expressed in the words at one time or another. Have a great week!

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  3. What a lovely moment to share – the connection of the past, memories of your mum, touching the present as that beautiful little red-socked bird came to listen and lift your moment. Beautiful.


      1. It is the incessant chatter in our brains. The old adage about praying to Gad and asking for guidance but not stopping to listen for the voice of Spirit trying to get through. 😏


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