Crab Attack/Small But Scrappy

I am feeling the Cancer influence of my sign lately, in more than just my usual over analyzing, self-critical, hide in my shell or come out with claws flying kind of way. Visiting the pier at sunrise was beautiful in so many ways but arriving to find my “clan” climbing all over the railing and walkways was quite mesmerizing.  Perhaps they were out to bid farewell to the Goddess Moon who still silhouetted the sky even after daybreak.

Bullow State Park 2015 052.NEF

Or maybe they were running late for breakfast.  They really looked like they were dragging in from a late Friday night high tide time.  At any rate it was challenging to get a photo. As soon as they caught the reflection of my lens they would scurry ahead and disappear over any convenient ledge into the darkness.  Then there was scrappy……

I don’t know why this guy decided to step up, why he wanted to pick on the dinosaur, why he felt the need to stretch his crabby muscle but there he was, hedging his way across the railing…

Bullow State Park 2015 033.NEF

Was he thinking he could take him?  Did they have a grudge to settle?

Bullow State Park 2015 040.NEF

Hedge left. Lizard looking.  Hedge right.. look nonchalant….looking nonchalant…..I’m not here……

Bullow State Park 2015 042.NEF

I could….just….reach….out….and al…most….

Bullow State Park 2015 044.NEF

“Little crustacean, what do you think you are doing?”

“Who? Me?  Just….sitting….here…but I could take your tail tip if I wanted to, Mr. Dino.. green.. bully….anytime…see?

Bullow State Park 2015 046.NEF

“Can you feel my hot crabby breath on your prize tail?  I think that  I will…..”

“Not today Zippy!  I am outa here!” The unconcerned lizard flees imminent danger.

Bullow State Park 2015 054.NEF

“Victory is mine! I could have taken him…and he knew it.”

I see the lessons in all my experiences, even the subtle ones like this.  Sometimes a victory isn’t about winning an actual battle but rather showing that you are a worthy opponent so that you don’t have to fight at all.  So, I am off now to polish up the old claws…….you never know when someone might want to see them.   :))

 And a very Happy Mother’s Day to all of you out there.  Each of you deserves to be honored today and every day that you care for your families….

halloween week 2014 078.NEF

12 thoughts on “Crab Attack/Small But Scrappy

  1. I love this, Cheryl. Apart from the obviously amazing photos (you are so talented), for me today I see the mountainous goals I have set myself as giant green lizards whose tails now seem more than ‘snappable’. I am also going to share this with my daughter. She was a July baby, and she is facing some huuuge lizards over the next three weeks. But even the littlest crabs can square up to those mountainous beasts … Thank you.


    1. Hi Peter! I have not seen you lately. They were so funny to watch. Lizard was like a cow with a fly buzzing it. Crab seemed so seriuosly stealthy, only moving when lizard wasn’t looking. Ha! Thanks.


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