Love In Ten LInes/Poetry+

For my dear friend Leon at Solitary Thinkers and his poetry challenge Love in Ten Lines

Love In Ten Lines

Love in ten lines?

halloween week 2014 073.NEF

Love, does it glow?

new moon november 070.NEF

Does love shine above?


Does love wither below?


Love is a universe…


Love, grains of sand.


Love feeds the fire


With love we withstand

and feel the warmth they share

Gentle love we meet

best hummingbird EVER sept 2014 030.NEF

Love, like nectar sweet


Love, life’s circle, complete……

Cheryl kP


My favorite line about love…

“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.  Herein lies the peace of God.”  A Course in Miracles….

“Only Love is real.” Marianne Williamson

For you Leon….

No small task, all in all, my dear friend Leon!  Now, sweet Clarissa, pull out your utensils, imagination and join us in the kitchen! :))

My own nominees to join this poetry challenge are

Sharukh Bamboat at

I know you can do this my poetic friend. 🙂

Dan Antion at

Welcome to a new challenge, Dan!

Peter Nena at

Love in ten lines, Peter. 🙂

Janey over at

Something new to post Janey!

A Long at

You know a lot about love, my friend..

Julia Lund, talented write at

If you have the time dear friend.

A new friend at

If your finger is okay that is…..;)

I will add the others tomorrow.  If you choose to join the challenge, and I hope you do, write ten lines, four words to each line, each containing the word love and nominate ten others to join the challenge.  A different way to “spread the love” and find commonalities as well as new views on the oldest subject in existence.

16 thoughts on “Love In Ten LInes/Poetry+

  1. You mix pictures with words so perfectly. Always, always impressed.

    Mine might take a while but I’m working on it. 😀


      1. Our dearly beloved Cheryl, I can only echo Always, always impressed.
        I am unspeakably moved; boohoo moved.
        Clarissa girl, we can’t compare with this one, so do allow your response as much maturation time as it needs. “It was no small task” she says, having needed, what, less than a day to complete it, while it took me two months to charge my post with all of me and let people know they matter and this challenge matters. We are still sweating to pump up our spiritual muscle so that others can benefit, while our host here is a natural pro.
        So much gratitude, Cheryl, on behalf of all these lovely people here, too, whose souls I feel stirring.
        I love you Sister!


      2. Oh sweet Leon. You do honor me too much.but I appreciate your loving, kind words so much and am so happy you liked the words. What was challenging for me was the rules of the piece. I am such a haphazard writer of poetry; and any adherence to a particular pentameter or style is merely coincidental, likely drawn from some vague memory of Creative Writing class in high school. Most of my poems are written are a result of the photos I see or emotions I feel. Finding photos to go with my words is another challenge altogether and I thank you emphatically for including me in this one. Your posting was beautiful and so well expressed. You always move me to tears of sorrow, joy and gratitude. The fact is that any expression of someone’s inner soul is perfect to me. Hugs, Brother Leon. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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