The Stinger/Poetry

bee in may 2015 007.NEF

The Stinger

Winging from bloom to bloom,
sampling golden sweet youth,
he dances through life.
Lost in pleasure,
blind to the treasure
hidden deep within
each tender heart.
Best not to cling for
he will take wing,
but not before
the remorseless sting
that will be his demise
even as he flies
from the truth
of life’s folly.

Cheryl Kp

4 thoughts on “The Stinger/Poetry

  1. Reblogged this on SolitaryThinkers and commented:
    Beloved Cheryl’s ode to the destructive masculine.
    Words so wise, so sadly earthy at the same time;
    56 of them, like the cards of the Lesser Arcana
    which represent the mundane aspects of life.
    We males are needed in much deeper ways
    than this non-culture allows us to see.
    Let us stop abusing our Sisters
    and killing all our hearts.
    Let the healing begin.
    Happy Mother’s Day!
    Bless you Cheryl!


    1. Thank you so much Leon, this warms my Mother’s feminine heart and energy. You are such a dear. May we all be healed soon and recognize our oneness in all ways, kind Brother.


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