Outtakes/Pelican Antics

One of the most challenging aspects of photography is having to edit photos.  Any photographer, novice or professional, will tell you that you must take many shots to get one or two truly worthy of publishing.  Blurs, chops, dark shadows, over exposure, spots, faded color, welll…….you get the drift. Sometimes, though, the “bad” shots have their own value, as in the case of this fellow.

We often go down to the pier to watch for birds.  They love hanging around the fishermen there, picking up tidbits, and often taking a shot at stealing fresh fish right off of someone’s line.  This pelican was allowing me to take some nice shots but got really impatient for a snack and jumped down to take a stab at stealing from a fisherman’s bucket of bait.  But she had a friend who was having none of it…..

pelican wednesday april 2015 069.NEF

Do you like what you see, Camera Lady?

pelican wednesday april 2015 072.NEF pelican wednesday april 2015 073.NEF

How about a little Chicken Dance?  I got the moves!! 

pelican wednesday april 2015 070.NEF

FISH!! I want it NOW!

pelican wednesday april 2015 084.NEF

I’m keeping my eye on you guys.  When you aren’t watching……..

Photography……fun stuff!!

12 thoughts on “Outtakes/Pelican Antics

  1. Great pictures. In fact, sometime ago, I saw a documentary on pelicans and they’re really funny but intelligent as well and oh yes, foodie for sure. I dont get to see them here, but I do get to see egrets and storks. I simply adore their patience, standing still, concentrating at the slightest of movement under water.


      1. Always love seeing your photos and reading your commentaries. I’m well thanks – managing to stick to my self-imposed deadlines on my quest to hit my goals.


    1. Thank you Dan. These guys are so comical to watch when they try to land or do anything qucickly. Just a few minutes later it almost hit my husband in the face flapping to the bench where there was a bucket of bait shrimp! They are really quite large! I am always in mind of a squadron of fighter pilots when I was them flying over the sandy beaches. 😄


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