Sometimes we see a treasure,

so lovely, precious prize.

When truly it’s a treasure box

the jewel hides inside!


Life is a treasure but it must be opened up to enjoy the wealth. Things often look unrecognizable from a distance. Yet if we take a closer look, the truth takes on a beauty of its own…

11 thoughts on “Treasure

    1. Thanks Julia. So many times I photograph things only to find extra surprises that often I don’t catch up until I edit even! These little bees are amazing to me. No larger than a small fly.


      1. I don’t think we have those bees here, though it never ceases to amaze me how many varieties there are.


      2. At first glance you think it is a strange, small fruitfly. But when you see it through the camera lens you can tell it isn’t. I have seen large Euglossa bees which look very similar but first time I have seen such a tiny bee.


      1. Ha! How funny πŸ™‚ I think I have seen that variety a few times but it isn’t hardy in this part of the country so its not common. Thanks for checking!


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