Fallen Star on Earth Day/Poetry

starfish and blooms 077.NEF


From the bosom of darkness

you fell to the sand,

I saw you there as I walked

hand in hand

with my love.

Mother Earth’s star from

the heavens below

but fading, your color,

your movement so slow

on the sand.

starfish and blooms 078.NEF

We scooped you up with

coins from the sea

returned to its heart,

and setting you free

in the surf.

starfish and blooms 081.NEF

transformed by the salt,

the wet and the chill

did seem life returned

although you were still

in the shallows.

Goodbye little star,

you have filled us with mirth

we thank God for this moment

to celebrate Mother Earth.

Cheryl KP

copyright 2015

Happy Earth Day everyone.  And Happy Birthday to my little Noah!!!

4 thoughts on “Fallen Star on Earth Day/Poetry

  1. That little starfish has spines on his tentacles.
    I love the ocean the mystery that is held in it’s depths
    Your poetry has put life on highest of pentacles
    whispering quietly with so many breaths.


    1. Thanks Clarissa! I worked most of it but got off early to make it to the beach. And my grandson lives far away so could not share his special day in person. But it was a beautiful day!

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