Losing Me

lizards and roses and things 057.NEF


When at last the dead in me,

no longer useful, I set free;

discard the shell I know so well,

emerging slowly, cautiously.

Slowly,  not without disdain,

 embrace the sorrow, bitter pain

and wriggle free from that old me

so small, so simple, dull and plain.

Thus I emerge, wet, glistening

with dewy kiss of christening,

forget the past, soul free at last

and blink, now time is quickening.

white butterflies apr 2015 004.NEF

Time to run,

time to fly,

hello to me,

to me goodbye.

Transformation complete?

lizards and roses and things 054.NEF

Life the cycle,

the path, the way,

demands that we change in order to move forward.

Sometimes my progress is slow,

with nowhere to go.

Time to sit and shed.


All that I see and come to meet in nature is there for a reason.  Messages and encouragement come in all shapes and sizes, and in all forms.  When I saw my chameleon friend I realized I was seeing my own path for many years now.  The outer skin, which was all that he knew and was his protection  against the harsh world has now grown old, withered, and no longer suits who he is.  Sometimes it is a slow process, but  he sheds his old coat and emerges, damp and new-reborn.  This is how I feel  coming out of my dark days of transformation.  It often feels as though the old me just won’t take its place in the dust, but clings to me tenaciously.  He will use his mouth to peel away the remnants.  So do I finish the process of transformation with my mouth, my words, my thought and my expression.  If I encourage others, I am encouraging myself also.  I love you all. Be your authentic selves always.  You are becoming the you that  shines throughout eternity…..

Cheryl  Kp

copyright words and photos



10 thoughts on “Losing Me

  1. The older I get and the more my body doesn’t do the things it used to do in quite the way it used to do them (not to mention the way it has started to look more like my grandmother’s than my mother’s …), the more I am learning the liberation that lies in Paul’s words in his letter to the Romans: ” … do not be conformed to this world, be transformed by the renewing of your mind …” . Hearts and minds and souls – so much stronger, more beautiful and eternal than bodies.

    A lovely, insightful and wise post, Cheryl. Hope your week is full of good things.


    1. Yes Julia. I agree. It is sad to see a society (of females) so obsessed with youth that they have plastic surgery again and again until they become unrecognizable and often look far worse as they age than if they had allowed the wrinkles of time and experience to be etched upon thier face. Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it. And you. Have a lovely week.


      1. You are so right. The beauty of youth is a luxury I wish I’d enjoyed more, but perhaps that’s part of it’s appeal – its fleeting nature. These days, I luxuriate in who I am and who I am becoming, none of which would be half so rich without the treasures that are my children and husband and friends I love. I know your life brims with those treasures too.


      2. Yes they are Julia. I know what you mean about enjoying youthful ways when we are young. For me I guess I didn’t think I was very attractive then and now I realize how harshly I judged myself. Live and learn is what we do…


  2. I LOVE the poem. Always glad and encouraged to see someone making peace with life too. Thanks for sharing so much with us Cheryl. 🙂


    1. Hi Clarissa! Thank you. Im so glad you enjoyed the poem. I am always amazed by creatures that molt. Nature’s skin peel, it were! 😀 It is always my hope to encourage someone going through similar challenges. Have a great week my friend.

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