Happy Easter/New Beginnings

washington state park april 086.NEF

Happy Easter everyone!

No matter what you believe or do not believe religiously or spiritually, Spring is the time of beginnings, the chance for rebirth.  That which no longer serves us can be laid to rest and make way for the new to emerge fresh, unblemished and with the hope of greater understanding, new beauty and lingering transformation.  To me the message of Easter will always represent the death of hatred and self loathing as the truth of unconditional love rises from the tomb of judgment and fear.

In every tiny fragment of life there is beauty, there is Spirit, there is love.  Existence is but one breath of Eternity.

Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

5 thoughts on “Happy Easter/New Beginnings

  1. Thank you for such light-filled words. Spring certainly is the season to reflect on new beginnings – a season of hope. Perhaps that’s why we celebrate Easter at this time of the year, hope and redemptive love rising from the darkness of death – a tomb that need no longer hold fear. Wishing you a very happy Easter.


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