A Thousand Times Thank You

I swear I am not soliciting, paying or threatening anyone to give me an award. I really don’t like them. Much. But if someone thinks enough of me to honor me, well then I should be gracious enough to accept.  So, a thousand times thanks!!

And this big thanks goes to  my dear Wild Irish Rose of a blogging friend Janey over at https://cupidorcats.wordpress.com/2015/03/26/the-creative-blogger-award-with-added-rule-breaking/

If you haven’t done it already, you need to pop over and visit Janey. She will have you laughing so hard you will forget your own misery.  Hugs to you Janey. You know I don’t care a lot for awards and this is the second one (not bragging, just sayin’….) for me in a week, so I might be getting a little punchy with my posting. I do so appreciate the thought and all of my friends who follow and visit my blog. I think you are all talented, creative and dedicated. You all deserve awards and this is for all of you.  I will do my best to select a few.

Now, on to business….

There must be rules. (insert evil, maniacal laugh)

Yeah, yeah, so here they are if you want to do this thing according to Hoyle. You know him, he’s the card game ‘big Kahuna’…I’m “betting” most people don’t but he might be the most referenced rule maker around so he deserves a plug. Queen of Hearts blowing a kiss, King of Diamonds flips a coin.

Oh right, the rules? Here you go.

  • Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs
  • Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you
  • Share five facts about yourself to your readers
  • Pass these rules on to them

Five facts about me……

I have moved 12 times  in 25 years.  And I HATE change. See irony in Webster’s.

I consider my sons to be my very best friends in the world and they continue to teach me things as they grow into their own understanding.

I love that my husband would rather go grocery shopping with me than hang with the guys watching a ball game. It is so nice to live with someone who likes you.

I love to cook, especially to bake. Cutting back on carbs has been uber hard on me.  I love to share what I make with other people and see them get all wiggly with excitement over something yummy.  It is one of the things I live for.

I think the best feeling in the world, the sweetest smell that exists, and the most beautiful sounds to fall on my ears all come from newborn infants.  Like heaven’s breath they arrive naked and unencumbered.  Perfection.

Okay….nominees are tricky.  I know so many of you are popular, busy and have cyber closets full of awards but let me give this a go anyway.


Sharukh writes a wonderful blog about life in India.  His words are deliciously descriptive, enticing and completely educational.  I have learned so much about his country’s lifestyle history and social development from his blog. Check it out!


Dan Antion writes about his profession, his travels and his everyday philosophy about life.  His questions are real, his thoughts profoundly relatable and his humor is fresh and welcome.


Peter writes horror. I mean real, glued to the page, train wreck can’t turn away, nail biting, under the covers, horror but with a twist of intricate moral undertone.  Because the villains  in his stories are often the product of human depravity and disregard. Visit his blog for a real scare.


Julia writes beautifully inspirational blog posts as well as being a published author.


What can I say about AJ? He is a beautiful poet, inspirational writer and all around helluva a great guy.  You really need to check out his blog and look him up on g+


This lovely lady shares stories about the experiences she has had while living among the talented and famous of Hollywood; but more than that she speaks with the voice of reason, of compassion and awareness that we all need to begin using.  You should read her blog. NOW.


Scott writes about sports, has an online poetry magazine and tells of his day to day life with his wife and beautiful kitties.  His stories are simple, heart warming and often heartbreaking.  He is as real as it gets.  Visit him and say hi from  me!

Okay guys, do with this what you will. I am so honored to know you and you deserve an award every day.

Hugs!!! Love and Light always,


6 thoughts on “A Thousand Times Thank You

  1. I loved reading the five things about about you, and was especially touched by the grocery-shopping -you-loving man fact. Thank you so much for the mention and nomination – I am truly honoured. My life is tied up with ‘stuff’ at the moment – some of it welcome, so not so much … Consequently, I accept your nomination in spirit, though I’m afraid the flesh is currently too overwhelmed to comply. Keep those wonderful poems and photos coming though – they always make my days brighter, my friend.


    1. Thanks Julia! It was my pleasure and no worries. I do understand. I hope you get a break soon from the not so fun stuff. Ill be here doing what I do. Heading out in search of dragonflies now…..😘


      1. I love dragonflies and the resurrection imagery associated with them. They feature in my novel, Strong as Death. I look forward to your photos.


    1. If you have the time Dan i would live to learn a bit more about you! Thanks for accepting. No worries if you can’t get to it. This is a gift not a responsibility my friend. Hope you have a great week!


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