rose garden 072.NEF


The blush has faded

now from my cheeks,

gone with the hope of


Shades of gray,

cast over the sun

all dream thus turned to


I shall not wilt nor

wither for you,

losing the thought of

my soul.

My error to think

I needed your heart

loving to make me


I cannot deny

the truth of fate’s hand

guiding our steps

to meet.

Is your heel bruised

as innocence lies

broken beneath your



I nurture within

loves blushing bloom,

hidden from judgement’s


Should we meet again

on the winding path

with no memory of this

me and you.

Cheryl Kp

copyright words and photo


4 thoughts on “Paler/Poetry

  1. A lot of sadness here, but a lot of defiance and strength too. I liked the way it developed from the fading colour descriptions/metaphors, unfolding into something quietly devastating. The phrase ‘gone with the hope of us’ was very poignant, and the last sentence was very beautiful, lifting it into another place, or many places, where we have all moved on; always moving on, and are crossing paths without recognition. Wonderful piece, Cheryl, really beautiful and full of expression.


    1. Hello Stephen! So good to see you. Thanks so much for reading and for your kind words. I see existence as a winding path with intersecting lines and hiccups of time that don’t always find us in the right moment to be sublime. But there is always another corner to turn, another view from the far side of the next hill….

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