My Jurassic Garden

Among the branches and blooms, within the shadow of Spring, lives a kingdom of small dinosaurs.

lizard shoot and roses 032.NEF - Copy

Making homes where homes are to be found….

lizard shoot and roses 011.NEF

Peeking over ledges and around corners

Sunday march 15 024.NEF

They seem to say….

lizard shoot and roses 024.NEF

“Come, follow me…”

lizard shoot and roses 021.NEF

“within the garden, there is much to see!

lizard shoot and roses 002.NEF

the face of beauty….

lizard shoot and roses 031.NEF - Copy

the sun on your face….

Spring and nature 059.NEF

and when play is done…..

lizard shoot and roses 035.NEF

there is my happy place!

Farewell, come again!Β  There is more to see….

Spring and nature 020.NEF

growing in the garden of possibility!”

Has Spring found you yet?Β  I hope so!

copyright words and photos

Cheryl kP 2015

12 thoughts on “My Jurassic Garden

  1. Beautiful, beautiful!! Lately, I feel obsessed by the question of why Nature bestows beauty on its creations. I saw a bird one day and it was so breathtakingly beautiful.

    Anyway, every time I see a lizard I remember what the Gypsy in “Thinner” did to the judge. “Lizard!” he said. It was crazy. Especially the way it’s represented in the movie. They waited until we had seen (and become horrified by) what his curse had done to the lawyer. Then we hear about the judge. The Gypsy had touched him and said “Lizard!”


  2. Captivating as ever. Have you ever thought of producing your pics an commentaries as children’s books? They would be magical …


    1. Thank you Julia. I thought of children’s books eons ago when my boys were small but is been awhile. I have felt very discouraged of late about publishing anything. There seems to be such a glut out there and publishing has changed so much. I would live to really publish a book of poetry with photographic illustration. I just don’t think it would translate well to ebook.


      1. As you say, publishing has changed. Perhaps there is a way to get your work in a non ebook form? How about self publishing? I empathise with your discouragement – but it doesn’t stop us writing (or creating beautiful photos too, in your case). I’ve decided that even if only a few people ever read my work, that’s okay … I just can’t stop now πŸ˜‰


      2. I agree Julia. I always said if only one person read my novel and “got it” or enjoyed it then it was written for them. Otherwise i write for myself.i could never be a writer who cranks out books to fill a niche. It just wouldn’t seem authentic to me. I doubt I’ll ever get wealthy but my soul feels richer. 😊


  3. Spring fever has certainly bit me hard! Here in Oklahoma, the weather has been just wonderful, temps in the 60s and 70s, and just enough rain for the grass to green up and the trees to bud. The flowering trees are already in full showy bloom. I’ve been going on short drives around the countryside, just taking in all the sights and scents and listening to great music on the radio. Nothing better. I’m glad you’re obviously inspired by spring as well, nice post! Pics are wonderful as always πŸ™‚ Hope nature is showing off for you, too!


    1. That sounds awesome Clarissa! I am so glad things are warming up and Spring has found you as well. There is nothing better. I love it being cool enough to open the windows and feel the fresh air, hear the birds. I have seen a lot of predator birds lately-so many hawks! I need to look them up in my Animal Speak book. They are so beautiful. Trying to ignore the pull of the moon……:)


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